Why is juicing good for you?

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

In this review, we have listed 7 important reasons why juicing is good. Fresh juices have many benefits, and above all, they have a good effect on your health and freshness.

Do you want to lose weight or get enough vitamins and minerals without loving fruits and vegetables so much?

How healthy is it to drink juices, and how do they affect your body? Please find out more in our research and review.

Why can’t juices replace a meal?

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that juice should not replace your meals.

You can skip breakfast for a few days, for example, and drink your favorite juice, but you shouldn’t do it constantly.

Why is juicing good meal and juice two kids

What is important is that you understand juice as a supplement to your diet. This is the right move if you control your diet and get enough vitamins and minerals through juices.

This way, you can improve a lot of things when it comes to your health.

If you are used to caffeine, a certain blood sugar level, do not eliminate it and change it by drinking juices instead of coffee or chocolate.

It is important to reduce that intake moderately and get your body used to certain fruits and vegetables every day.

Thus you will get the necessary energy, freshness and the juice will cleanse you of toxins. Juicing can slow down your metabolism because you are not consuming protein, fat, and fiber.

You get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals, which is good, but you must not neglect fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. They are vital for the functioning of your body.

7 Reasons why is juicing good?

When you start using juices regularly, you feed your body with rich ingredients of fruits and vegetables, contributing to the liver and kidneys removing toxins. For athletes and people who are active in any other way, we especially recommend juicing. They consume more physically and need extra energy, which is obtained very quickly and efficiently with juicing.

Regardless of your age, gender or lifestyle, one thing is for sure.

Juicing affects your body very well and very quickly. Take a look at the 7 best reasons why.

1. Digestion and improving mood

When it comes to digestion, we should say that certain juices, due to fiber and sorbitol, primarily alleviate constipation.

In general, apples and apricots have a high fiber content, which positively affects digestion.

Also, vitamin C, which is found in lemons, kiwis, and oranges, positively affects digestion.

Digestion and improving mood with orange juice of one boy

Sometimes it is enough to drink lemonade and make your stomach work better. Making mango juice contains enzymes that affect the better flow of food through the digestive tract and reduce colon cancer and heart disease risk.

When it comes to improving your mood, you should know that the intake of antioxidants, zinc, and various vitamins found in juices, reduces anxiety and depression and increases your energy.

It will work the fastest and safest on an empty stomach. Then you will suddenly and quickly refresh and gain energy and thus start an activity or workday.

2. Helps boost the immune system

Fruits and vegetables from juices are full of vitamins and minerals, and your immune system will certainly be stronger and more resistant to diseases.

Every human immune system is constantly active, destroys substances that the body does not need, and fights viruses and bacteria. By ingesting a sufficient amount of vitamins, you help in that fight and thus feel better.

In general, carrot and apple juices are best in fighting against infections that attack your immune system.

Here, of course, vitamin C is very important because it cleanses your body and automatically helps you beat a common cold or prevent that.

When protecting against infections, it is best to make tomato juice. It contains vitamin B9 and magnesium, which affects inflammation.

We must also mention grapefruit, orange, and other citrus fruits, which have been proven to strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C, which they contain in large quantities, is given to patients with COVID-19 and helps heal, although it has not been scientifically proven. But that’s another reason why juicing is good.

From personal experience, we tell you that vitamin C also acts as a prevention for colds. It is good to drink more fresh juices when you will catch a cold and then believe that you will beat the disease early.

3. Required daily fluid intake

According to research, the total daily intake of water that the body needs is 30% from food and 70% from beverages.

Firstly, it is vital that we not only drink pure water but also take it through juices.

Why is juicing good a glass of water and orange juice

Secondly, their pleasant taste helps because it makes us feel better, and at the same time, we ingest fluids.

Athletes and people who are more active during the day should ingest more fluids, so completely fresh juices will make up for that amount.

Thirdly, fresh juices will not ingest too much sugar in other beverages such as coffee or store-bought juice.

Fourthly, and most importantly, your body contains over 60% water, and it is a necessary fluid that every cell needs to function. Water regulates body temperature, cleanses cells of toxins, helps strengthen immunity.

That is why it is important to take it into your body, even though fresh juices are also delicious. Don’t forget to drink clean water because no juice, tea, or soup can replace the effectiveness of pure natural water.

4. Better work of your heart

Unlike fresh fruits and vegetables, the use of fresh juices reduces markers of oxidative stress. This automatically contributes to better heart function.

For example, in the United States, heart disease is responsible for 1 in 4 deaths. Studies have shown that consuming 6-7 servings of fruits and vegetables is necessary to prevent heart disease.

However, this isn’t easy to do unless you squeeze fruits and vegetables and make your favorite juice, then it is really possible. The best juicers chosen by the author are here.

Cranberry juice for better heart working

Nutrients help a healthy heart and protect cells from damage.

We highly recommend cranberry and beet juice.

Cranberry is a natural source of polyphenols, which help prevent heart disease and reduce arterial stiffness.

Beets help reduce blood pressure, and it has been proven to work even after a few hours of consumption.

5. Helps detoxify the body

Fresh juices generally help get rid of toxins in your body.

The most important ingredient in detoxification is celery. It contains potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and folic acid. Iron helps the liver break down toxins.

The lymphatic system is most responsible for cleansing cells and detoxifying the blood. If you take a certain number of vitamins and the above-mentioned minerals, you help the lymphatic system and support it during detoxification.

We also recommend green apple juice, which contains polyphenols and vitamin C to a certain extent.

You can also use a blender for detoxification, and the most important is green fruits and vegetables to make a delicious smoothie.

You can combine kiwi, banana, celery, and spinach and mix it all in your blender. It would be a vitamin bomb and excellent detoxification and cleansing of the body.

6. Burning belly fat

When you use them as combs, some fruits and vegetables affect the burning of fat. So, the most help apples as fruits and tomatoes as vegetables.

The apple contains fibers that help burn fat and feel full. Tomato helps create the amino acid carnitine, which enhances the body’s ability to burn fat. We recommend apple juice in the afternoon or before dinner.

This way, you will have less appetite for dinner, which is harmful not only to yours but to anyone’s pounds. Moreover, you will get enough nutrients and have a minimal dinner not to overload your digestive system.

Anyone can get rid of belly fat. For some people, another reason why juicing is good. All that is needed is persistence and perseverance in diet and activities. Necessary fiber intake and a regular diet, along with fresh juices, can certainly help you lose weight.

7. Improves skin health

The overall health of the skin and hair is affected by most fruits and vegetables that contain fiber and other nutrients. Purification of the blood and radiance of the skin is brought about by the nutrients found in beets and carrots.

Carrots contain vitamin A, which fights acne, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. To make your skin more elastic and strong, make sure you drink cucumber juice which helps to moisturize the skin.

Why is juicing good cucumber apple green juice

Spinach rich in vitamin K and iron also protects your skin from damage. In addition to hair and skin health, we must not forget how well spinach affects eyesight protection and reduces blood pressure. It does not contain fat, but on the other hand, a certain amount of fiber, so it is good in any case.

In any case, by daily intake of certain vitamins, you improve and affect your entire body. With the right combination of a regular diet, you will achieve the desired goals.

Today, there are many ways to improve the appearance of your skin, but we think that this is the most natural way to use drinks that are primarily delicious and bring you benefits.

Why is juicing good if we combine it with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats?

To function best, you need to get enough vitamins and minerals and the macronutrients described below.

Only a moderate combination of all this will balance all the functions of your body. Some people go to extremes and overdo it with fats, proteins.

Others, on the contrary, eat only fruits and vegetables, thinking that they are helping themselves in this way. These are macronutrients whose role is just as important as the role of vitamins and minerals in your body. See below what macronutrients are and why they are just as important as freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables.

Why is juicing good if combine with carbs proteins and fats

We need to get enough vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats to feel the best and make everything work properly.

Carbohydrates are responsible for creating energy. There are ordinary (monosaccharides and disaccharides) and complex (polysaccharides).

Complex carbohydrates secrete serotonin (the hormone of happiness and mood).

Ordinary carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, and that is why you should be careful with them, but they are also important for functioning.

Fats are essential for development, healthy skin, proper vision, etc. There are good and bad fats.

Omega 3, monounsaturated fats, and Omega 6 semi-unsaturated are good. These include fish, flaxseed, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, and sunflower oil.

Proteins are found in poultry meat, beans, nuts, milk, sour cream yogurt, etc. They are vital, and we must not neglect them.

Why is juicing good, and why bad?

You get a lot of energy and that very quickly. After drinking a glass of fresh juice, you feel better after ten minutes. Get vitamins and minerals that are important for the functioning of the body.

Also, all the previous benefits we have listed will have a good effect on you. However, there are several reasons why juicing is bad. You will not enter fibers that are just as important for functioning. If you drink too much fresh juice and neglect foods that do not have fiber, you will not feel good.

Another thing is that making fresh juices is more expensive than just fruit. When you squeeze the fruit, a good part remains to be thrown away, and a small part turns into juice. That is why a larger amount of fruit or vegetables is needed to make, for example, 3dl of juice.

Why is juicing good for kids?

For children older than one year, juicing in smaller quantities is recommended. It is definitely better for children to eat fruits or vegetables.

why is juicing good for kids on the table with fresh fruits

However, it will be good for them to drink fresh juice sometimes. This will teach them over time to crave healthy juice instead of sweets.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that juices are never given to children younger than one year. In any case, as a child grows, he will need a lot of vitamins and minerals to strengthen his immunity. Therefore, juices rich in Vitamin C and Potassium will certainly help them stay healthy.

Firstly, slowly and occasionally give children fresh juices to gradually strengthen them.

Secondly, combine juices with regular foods. It is also true for adults that juices should never replace a meal.

Moreover, while the children are small, making fresh juice and adding a little water to dilute it is recommended. Later, when they grow up, you can give them all the fresh juice without water.

Why is juicing good in the morning?

Every morning, if you drink fresh juice instead of a meal, it will give you a lot of energy to start the day. You can have a light breakfast later. The other thing is that at the same time, you are helping yourself to lose weight.

Firstly, fresh juice in the morning also helps your skin look better. At the same time, you start the digestive system, and you will have better digestion of food later in the day. And when you do that for a week and continue in the future, you will not have problems with constipation. Carrot juice is most responsible for that.

Secondly, blood pressure control is also regulated with fresh juices on an empty stomach. Moreover, you consume a certain amount of sugar but not too much. This is a good sign of controlling diabetes.

morning family drink fresh juices

Keep in mind not to skip breakfast in any way. It would be best to drink fresh juice on an empty stomach and have breakfast an hour later. If you are working or in a hurry, then even after two hours, it is better to have breakfast than to skip lunch.

The pros and cons of juicing for health

Juicing for health is a popular trend that has been gaining momentum. There are many benefits of juiced foods, including increased fiber and nutrients in your diet as well as weight loss. That’s because they’re high in protein but low on fats or carbohydrates – perfect if you want to maintain muscle mass while slimming down!

But there are also some cons worth mentioning. First of all, those delicious-looking fruits and vegetables might not always taste quite right after being processed by a machine. Then, again maybe we just haven’t found the right recipes yet.

Secondly, juicing for health is a trending topic these days, but does it really work? Let’s take an objective look at the pros and cons.

The argument in favor of juiced foods being better than raw ones comes down mainly to one thing: nutrients that may be lost during cooking are replaced with other ingredients – like sugar – so you’re still getting pretty much everything else!

One major drawback, however, is how quickly your body absorbs sugars when drinking juice instead. The pros say that it’s an easy way to get all sorts of nutrients into your diet without spending hours cooking and cleaning. Conversely, they may point out how much sugar could be lurking in there too!

For those looking at their nutrition facts label on food products instead – which most juicers will do since produce isn’t always pristinely pure – there are some scary stats: one glass (about 8 ounces) can contain up 18 grams total fat-free solids/sugar, more than half our daily limit according to US federal guidelines.

What should you not do while juicing?

There are many things you should not do while juicing, such as drinking too much or doing other physical activity that may cause discomfort.

  • You should not drink the juice while facing a large crowd or having an important meeting. You might want to wait at least 30 minutes before eating any fruits that were juiced because they can contain seeds and fibers which will make you feel sick if consumed in too short amount time frames. It is also best practice for people who are new to this process, so don’t give up!
  • Don’t drink the juice too quickly. It’s also important to avoid drinking fruit juice in large quantities, especially if you’re on a diet. That’s because it can be very unhealthy for your body and might cause nutrition problems or loss of vitamins. They are present naturally within fruits like vitamin C which helps with fighting off illness from colds as well other respiratory illnesses!
  • Don’t leave your machine unattended while it’s running or turned off for an extended period of time – this includes both children and pets! Children can get injured easily if they play with the controls, so make sure you always watch them closely when operating any type of appliance in proximity to their bodies.
  • There are a few things you should not do while juicing, such as drinking alcohol or eating anything that might contaminate your produce.


We hope you have found enough answers to the question of why juicing is good. In no case can it harm only if you neglect the basic daily food. If you drink your favorite juices every day using juicers or blenders, then you will feel the changes from day one. From personal experience, I can tell you that juicing affects the body after only twenty minutes. By that, I mean the freshness and extra energy you get to start the day.

Of course, weight loss or skin appearance requires more days to take effect. For your freshness and immune system, you will feel it on the first day. That is why we recommend everyone, regardless of age, to use fresh juices with a regular diet to improve their overall condition and live a healthy life.

If we want to answer another question, why is juicing good at preventing cancer? The answer is yes because it primarily boosts the immune system. Secondly, you flush toxins out of the body and thus do not feed the harmful cells that cause cancer. Thirdly, there is no scientific evidence that fresh juices will prevent cancer, but it will certainly reduce the likelihood of getting it.

In conclusion, our advice is to use it often but occasionally to eat whole fruits and vegetables. In any case, more frequent juicing can only help you be healthier, happier, and in a better mood.


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