To Juice or To Blend – Which is better?

Last Updated on July 26, 2023

Which is healthier, to juice or to blend?

Can you do juicing with a personal blender?

Is juicing or blending better for weight loss?

Find all the answers and doubts below.

Juicing vs. Blending

First of all, we have to say what the difference is.

Juicing is a process where you squeeze only the liquid part from fruits or vegetables. Of course, so to speak, you get the best out of it. You have all the vitamins and minerals in that fruit or vegetable, and it is tastier when you drink such juice.

Blending is a process where you put fruit and vegetables in your blender’s jar, and everything you put in, you will consume. You get a larger amount because you retain fiber and certain nutrients separated during juicing with blending.

The product you get from the juicer is the juice, and the product from the blender is called a smoothie.

To juice or to blend, which is better?

You can combine yogurt and other fruits such as walnuts and seeds with smoothies to make a thicker drink. It also retains fibers that affect better digestion.

Another difference is that you need a more significant amount of fruits and vegetables for juices because the juicer extracts only the liquid part and thus expels a good part.

For example, the blender is also suitable for other meals. You can also beat eggs for an omelet, and we can say that you handle it faster. It is perfect for people who want faster, healthy meals or supplements to their diet.

On the other hand, what you get from the juicer is liquid. So, getting the best part of every fruit and vegetable cannot be achieved with a blender.

Juicing is more often used for medicinal purposes. Juices are usually recommended for cleansing organisms and chemotherapy after treatment.

With blending, you get more nutrients because you are not limited to just fruits and vegetables, but you can also add nuts, salads, and other thicker products together.

What is healthier to juice or to blend?

We can say that cold-pressed juices come first for people looking for the perfect and healthiest eating methods.

The amount of nutritional value that you will enter is also essential, which we will explain further. High-speed centrifugal juicers achieve efficiency during preparation.

Healthy juice made with a cold-press juicer

Healthy juice with a lot of fruits on the table

On the other hand, you get fewer nutrients because a specific part is destroyed due to the juicer blade’s heat. There is also the oxidation of nutrients. Because of that, whoever has the patience to wait with cold-press or masticating juicers, will get better results in the nutritional ingredients of the juice.

Every juicer heats, even the best cold-press model. However, they heat up less and result in a juice that retains nutrient enzymes plus a longer-lasting product that you can store in the fridge for later.

When blending, you get a completely different product, even though they look similar.

Firstly, that same fruit you juiced when you blend, you get a thicker and firmer product.

Secondly, fiber and nutrients are retained, which are separated during juicing. These substances are just as important for your body and functioning as the vitamins and minerals obtained by juicing.

In answer to the question, blending is healthier because you eat foods of plant origin with all their components.

Blueberry smoothie made with blender

To juice or to blend healthy smoothie with blueberries purple color

However, for the digestive system, juicing is healthier because, without those fibers that the blender cannot separate, your digestive system works easier. You gain freshness faster, and you don’t feel as full, much like energy.

In conclusion, it is healthiest to use juicing and blending in moderation and at certain times.

Our advice is to juice on an empty stomach in the morning to give energy to your body and start the digestive system. Then during the day, you can blend various nuts, salads, and other products that contain fiber and protein.

It is the simplest and healthiest combination to complete and satisfy the functioning of the body. Of course, we must mention that you should not skip regular meals because juicing and blending should be dietary supplement and not the main food.

Can you do juicing with a blender?

The answer is yes, it can, but you will have a lot more work to do than when you use the juicer itself.

Firstly, there is a difference in the product that is obtained. Although you need to use liquid to make it, it will be thicker.

Secondly, you need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces than usual to get the juice. It takes a lot of time, but it’s possible to do.

Example of apple juice with a blender

All you need are a few apples, water, a knife, a certain strainer, and of course, a blender.

1. Peel the apples and separate the core and seeds because chemicals can be harmful.
2. Cut the apples into small pieces to make the blender crush them as quickly as possible and put all the pieces together with the water.
3. Blend until a thick paste is obtained, and then prepare a sieve over a glass or bowl where you want to get the juice.
4. Pour the porridge into a sieve and squeeze the pulp to get as much juice as possible.
5. End of process. You made homemade apple juice using a blender!

If you don’t like sour, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to get a better taste. Also, you can add spices such as cinnamon or ginger as you wish.

Example of green juice with a blender

It would help if you had a higher-speed blender, cheesecloth, and ingredients such as celery, cucumber, kale, ginger, or as you wish.

It’s a bit longer process than if you used a juicer, but in any case, you only have one more important step, and you can make your favorite green juice with a blender.

1. Prepare and wash all the ingredients in a blender and add water. You must add a certain amount of water to each blender to make a slurry.
2. Blend the ingredients, prepare the cheesecloth to cover all sides of the jar, and squeeze the juice without the pulp.
3. Pour the juice through the cheesecloth into a glass and then squeeze the pulp to get the rest of the juice.
4. You’ve got green juice, and you can use the pulp for a smoothie or toss it out if you don’t need to.

Greens contain fiber that feeds good bacteria in the intestines and contains several insoluble fibers.

Green juice with a blender and cheesecloth recipes

It would be best if you did not force yourself with green juices and smoothies because of stomach problems until you get used to it. But gradually increasing your intake of these products will certainly help you function better.

Is juicing or blending better for weight loss?

A juice diet is definitely better. However, there is a dilemma to juice or blend.

The most important thing is to know the number of calories you are ingesting, and in any case, you will consume less with juices than with smoothies from a blender.

Before we describe the differences and benefits, we must say that a diet with smoothies is also good because it satisfies you faster and you will not be hungry so often.

However, it is a slower process because you are also ingesting certain nutrients that contain more calories.

If you manage to keep a diet with juices for at least 10 days, you will see that you know the results of losing weight.

To juice or to blend weight loss plan with juicing

Firstly, due to the lack of starch, your body will lose water weight and therefore weight. This will motivate you, and you will enjoy the freshness of juices that bring energy even more than other standard meals.

Secondly, you will improve your intestinal health after just a few days. It is above all good for your complete feeling of freshness during the day, and at the same time, it means losing weight.

Thirdly, and most importantly, your self-control is essential, which you can achieve if you monitor calories and refrain from additional nutrition after a few hours.

How to make the perfect smoothie

To juice or to blend how to make a perfect smoothie in cup

We think that a diet with juices is better because by blending, you have a much greater possibility of consuming various products that contain a lot of calories.

We recommend a diet with smoothies made by blending to people who have already achieved the level of weight loss they wanted and now want to maintain that level. This means that you get all the essential ingredients, proteins, fiber, and everything your body needs without gaining weight.

Another advantage of smoothies over juices is that they will keep you full longer and not think about food often.

So you can make one meal, we recommend replacing breakfast complete with a smoothie. But as in the previous case, look at the calories you will put in the blender.

Two Smoothies under 300 calories

1. Blueberry smoothie, you get enough protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Blueberry banana smoothie on the table under 300 calories

1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 banana
2 tangerines
1 beet
cinnamon if desired

2. Tropical smoothie, tasty otherwise, contains vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and fiber.

Banana coconut smoothie on the table white color

2 smaller bananas
1 cup pineapple pieces
1 cup yogurt with coconut flavor
ginger if desired
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

The best time to make a smoothie

1. You will feel the best effect in the morning. When you start the day with a meal such as a smoothie, you will feel the energy and readiness to start the day.

To juice or to blend a woman drink orange juice in the morning

2. If you are an athlete, then before training, you should make a smoothie that contains carbohydrates. After the workout, drink a smoothie that contains protein. Of course, you should not drink constantly, and you have your standard meals. However, we are talking about which smoothies are best to drink and at what time.

3. The most common thing seen lately is that people are often in a hurry because of work and obligations. Then a smoothie comes in handy, is made quickly, and contains many quality nutrients and vitamins. Thus you will be full and energetic done all your chores without skipping a meal.

To Juice Or To Blend – Fresh juice (part of a balanced diet)

A healthy juice that you make should not be a substitute for a meal, but there are many reasons that it affects your health positively. It doesn’t matter if you juice or blend. Take healthy ingredients into your body.

When used correctly, you take many vitamins and minerals as a dietary supplement and balance your diet. Therefore, mainly because you are free from consuming too much sugar in the body as if you ate forehead fruit or other sweet meals.

For the diet to be balanced, you moderately add to your body all the necessary ingredients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and the most important thing for your life – water.

  1. Carbohydrates are found in wheat, corn, oats, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits, etc.
  2. Proteins in meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc.
  3. Fats in dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts, etc.
  4. Vitamins and minerals, see below which and where they are mostly found.
  5. Water, about 20%, comes from food and, of course, in other beverages.

Vitamin rich food graphic chart

Depending on what gender you are, whether you are physically active, metabolic rate, or are pregnant, there is a different need for daily calorie intake.

Fruit juice removes fiber, part of a balanced diet because you take in more nutrients and less sugar.

According to all research, the average calorie intake daily is 2000 for women and 2500 for men, so it is essential not to skip meals and squeeze juice as a supplement.

Calories intake fruits and vegetables blue sky background

This is essential to improve balance and make us strong, immune to certain diseases simultaneously. Therefore, cleanse the body of toxins.

One thing is for sure when it comes to sugar, you can enjoy the favorite flavors of your juices without ingesting too much sugar and thus be healthier and maintain balance.

To juice or to blend – Things to consider

Firstly, a lot of people don’t differentiate between juicing and blending. The most significant difference is that the pulp remains when blending, and when juicing, you only extract the essential things from the fruit. Vitamins and minerals remain as pulp and fiber are thrown away.

Secondly, you need to keep in mind what your goal is. If the goal is to get enough energy to start the day, juicing is better. If you want to skip a meal and eat everything you need from fruits and vegetables, you are better off blending.

To juice or to blend man blending fruits on the table

In addition, the nutritional values ​​are higher when blending, and yet when juicing, you directly affect the strength, energy, and digestive system.

Something else is important when choosing, and that is how much time you are ready to spend in the kitchen. Juicers should also be maintained in the sense that they should be washed after each use and the parts replaced when the time comes. In return, you get a product that has an excellent effect on your health.

To juice or to blend – Which one is more expensive?

No matter which way you decide, the initial cost is to buy a juicer or blender. However, you should know that you also spend on fruits and vegetables later. More fruits are needed to make the juice. If we look at the quantity, it is cheaper to blend because you will turn the entire squeezed product into a drink.
On the other hand, only the most essential materials remain when juicing, and the rest is thrown away. You need more fruit to make the juice.
It is best to combine both juicing and blending to achieve a balance both in costs and in the intake of a sufficient number of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For those who want professional and expensive juicers, this can be quite a big investment.
expensive jucing with more oranges ready
However, as we said, it all depends on your goal. If you plan to make a variety of juices or own a restaurant, it is worth investing more money in professional juicers. If you intend to buy a juicer or blender for home use, you can choose a product up to $ 100 and have delicious meals.

Juicing vs. Blending for Cancer

Juicing and blending can both be effective for cancer prevention. Still, it’s important not just focus on one method alone because they each have their benefits depending upon what you’re looking towards accomplishing with juice or cocktails!

The benefits of juicing for cancer prevention are well-researched, but the process does have some drawbacks. Blending is a better alternative because it’s easier and doesn’t require any special equipment or knowledge to get started!

The process of juicing and blending produces varied results. While one may be more beneficial than another, it’s important to know that they both have their pros and cons when considering cancer prevention as well as other health benefits like weight loss or improved immunity.

The blender recipes can lead you down an unhealthy path if not monitored properly because there isn’t much control over what goes into your drink; plus, all those artificial ingredients won’t do anything but upset our guts!

Is it better to juice or to blend vegetables?

The answer may seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re making your smoothies at home, there are several factors that you should consider before deciding which process will work best for the ingredients in question.

Juicing requires cutting produce into small pieces, so it’s easier to fit through a tiny opening. However, blenders simply whirl everything around until all of their signature nutrients have been drained out. Besides nutritional value, there’s another factor: how long does one last without getting tired from operating their kitchen appliance?

to juice or to blend for breakfast 3 blenders with food inside

Juicing or blending vegetables is a personal preference. The health benefits of each are similar, but some people prefer the taste and consistency that comes from juiced fruits instead of those who would rather have their greens cooked first. So, before drinking them raw, it is easier on digestion cords such s spicy foods that can irritate our systems if eaten too much at once!

The benefits of blending fruits/veggies with other ingredients such as leafy greens can include increased nutrients by incorporating more than one type (color) into each glass. Also, all those health perks are associated with drinking raw produce like vitamins A & C.

To juice or to blend for breakfast?

The decision to juice for breakfast or blend can have lasting effects on your health, so you must make the best choice possible.

We all know eating fruit is good practice but did you also realize how much healthier smoothies are than jelly toast packs? Juicing requires more work time and equipment, which may not always be available when we need them most during busy mornings at home!

Blending results in an easy preparation ahead of schedule without any wasted ingredients thrown away afterward. Also, there’s no clean-up required either because everything gets ground into deliciousness right inside.

There’s a time and place for both. You can use either juice for your breakfast or blend it up before bed, but one thing is sure- you want something filling that will keep you full until lunchtime.


Juices are increasingly in trend. There are bars with healthy natural juices wherever you go, and it doesn’t matter to juice or blend. As for their prices, you can find those from $ 50 to those over $ 500. For home use, it is enough to have a juicer or blender with an average price of $ 100.

Generally speaking, there is a lot of sugar in the juices we buy, so we must use and consume natural and healthy juices. This way you will ingest a certain amount of sugar but not too much.

Juicing as well as blending is healthy in its way. Those who want faster digestion of food and a feeling of full energy in a short time should make juice with a juicer.

On the other hand, if you want a lot of protein, fiber, and other nutrients, you should make your favorite smoothie, which is also healthy and natural.






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