About us

About Us

My name is Sorin Petroj, the author and founder of the site Top Juicers Blenders. Sometimes, life gets too busy, and we forget to have a diverse diet. With recipes for smoothies and juices from this website, including all the necessary vitamins becomes a lot easier. While you are enjoying a delicious and healthy drink.

The Top Juicers Blenders site is a place where you will find the most comprehensive information about juicers and blenders. Moreover, information on why juices and smoothies are good for you, and how to use them.

This includes comparisons and reviews of brands, models, and products in general. Above all the health benefits of including juices and smoothies in your diet and many recipes that will fit your preferences. Because the range of products is large, my goal is to save you time and make your choice a lot easier.

About us Sorin Petroj juicers and blenders and fruits

Sorin Petroj

Professional athlete and a great lover and enthusiast of healthy food, especially juices.

As an athlete, I understand how important it is to get the necessary vitamins to have enough energy and keep the immune system strong. Before I started paying more attention to my diet, I didn’t realize what big of a difference it could make every day.

Now, I feel a lot better, and I have a lot more energy during training. In addition to feeling better physically, drinking freshly squeezed juices helps me on a psychological basis because vitamins also positively affect brain function.

Including juices and smoothies in my diet has changed my relationship with fruits and vegetables. So, I want the same for you: to feel fresh, healthy, and strong. Similarly, everything you consume is natural. Feel free to browse the products, reviews, and recipes. I sincerely hope you will find it both useful and delicious.