7 Best Food Processors in 2022 (Aicook Home)

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

The handy Food Processors make your cooking journey just a little bit easier. They are a must-have kitchen gadget, as they can speed up labor-intensive tasks, saving both time and effort on food prep.

The best Food Processors are versatile kitchen appliances, and you can use them for chopping vegetables and shredding cheese to slicing and mixing food items. You can even do whisking and preparation of the dough with them.

A Food Processor is a kitchen tool consisting of a motor, mixing bowl, and sharp blade attachment. These valuable attachments mean you can create slaws and salads in minutes, perfect for BBQs and big family gatherings.

We have added our list from the smallest mini processor to the ones professionals use, so here are the best Food Processors that you can buy in 2022.

Our Top 3 Food Processors You Will Never Regret Buying

Food processor



Check Price

  • 5 in 1 mincer

  • 10 pounds of minced meat per minute

Best Seller

  • 12-Cup Capacity Bowl

  • 3 Speed Adjustable and Pulse Function

Best Multi Functional

  • Multifunctional Electric Grater

  • Easy Cleaning and Usage

Best Overall


1. Best Selling AICOK Electric Meat Grinder (5-IN-1 Meat Mincer)

food processors model Best Selling AICOK Electric Meat Grinder


AICOK Electric Meat Grinder is one of the best Food Processors in 2022, and it processes all meats easily, fast, and efficiently. This is an anElectric Meat Grinder engine with power up to 500W (2500W maximum).

According to Tests results, this can produce 5 pounds of minced meat per minute. Therefore, making delicious food at home becomes a much faster thing.

Firstly, this Electric Meat Grinder is simple to operate. You can clean it easily. It has three switches, including an on/off/slow/reverse switch, so you can easily operate it in three ways.

Secondly, you can utilize the reverse button to unclog the gadget. Also, you can easily disassemble the components of this meat grinder machine. Then, you can assemble them into place and clean them.

This Electric Meat Grinder is not dishwasher safe, all parts are detachable, and you can clean it very quickly with soap and warm water (under 122°F).

AICOK Electric Meat Grinder Features second image

Moreover, its accessories are three stainless steel cutting plates(3mm/5mm/8mm), stainless steel cutting blade, four stainless steel drum blades (4mm Slicing Blade, 6mm/5mm/3mm Shredding Blade), kebabs maker, sausage stuffer, hopper plate, food pusher, tomato juicer.

AICOK Electric Meat Grinder Features

It is ETL Certified and has long life use and safety. The quality of our products is the best. Our product is ETL certified, so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high-quality appliance. We suggest allowing the machine to cool down after ten minutes of continuous work.




  • It can become overheated after continuous use of 10 minutes.

2. AICOK Electric Meat Grinder (3-IN-1 Meat Mincer)

food processors model AICOK Electric Meat Grinder main image


AICOK Electric Meat Grinder is a powerful and fast grinder. It is one of the best Food Processors and a 2022 upgraded version with an advanced copper motor with up to 300W (2000W Max) lock power. It is more convenient and efficient than chopping by hand. You can produce 3 pounds of minced meat per minute.

This 3-IN-1 multi-use food grinder works as a meat mincer, kebab maker, and sausage stuffer. It comes with 2 different stainless steel cutting plates (diameter of the apertures: 2mm and 5mm) for various fine, medium cuts, 1 cutting blade, 1 hopper plate, and 1 food pusher.

For instance, this food processor is healthy and safe. It is a private meat grinder, so it is safer for family food than public meat mincer. However, it is made of food-grade material.

This meat grinder has a thermostat system and an automatic built-in circuit breaker to prevent the motor from overheating. We recommend allowing the machine to cool down after ten minutes of continuous work.

Aicok Food Processors Features 3 in 1 meat grinder second image

You can easily clean this electric meat mincer because it is amazingly convenient to assemble or dismantle and easy to clean after use. It contains a reverse (“R”) switch button for unclogging the machine.

Aicok Food Processors Features

We advise you to clean all parts thoroughly with warm water. You should apply neutral detergent when cleaning it and never use dishwater to wash it.  It comes with 2 Years of quality assurance and a 30-day money-back guarantee from AICOK.



  • Powerful & Fast Grinder
  • 3-IN-1 Multi-Use Food Grinder
  • Healthy and Safe
  • Easy to Clean
  • 2 Years Quality Assurance


  • It can become overheated after the continuous use of 10 minutes.

3. Stunning AICOOK 16 Functions Food Processor

Stunning AICOOK 16 Functions Food Processor main image


AICOOK 16 Functions Food Processor contains a variety of accessories to achieve 16 functions. This food processor has a slicer and shredder plate, a blade adapter, a shredder, an emulsifying plate, an egg beater, and a kneading plate.

It can perfectly perform the functions of chopping, cutting, emulsifying, kneading, whisking eggs, stirring, grinding, kneading, making fruit puree, mixing butter, making smoothies, etc.

This food processor has a large feed chute and 12 cups capacity. You can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese in them. The food processor is suitable for large families of 3-5 people and prepares food for all families at once. It has a small size, large capacity, and compact design, and you can store it in the kitchen corner.

You can operate it at 4 Variable Speeds. It meets the needs of different recipes, and the speed “I” is suitable for softer foods, such as carrots and cucumbers.

The speed “II” can provide greater power and is ideal for preparing foods, such as butter, nuts, and meat. The speed “P” is Pulse Function, more flexible, provides instant power, and is easy to track ingredients, such as onions.

This food processor contains 500W High-power Motor. Its high-power motor helps you reduce much manual work and cooking time, and there is no danger of overheating or poor work results. When you connect it with the robust suction cup at the bottom, you can prepare any food safely.

AICOOK 16 Functions Food Processor Features

This machine uses high-quality materials to ensure product safety and durability. The food processor has 2 Years of Quality Assurance and a double safety lock on the base; the lid allows you to use it safely. BPA does not have a food contact zone.

aicook 16 functions processor second image kitchen appliance



  • A variety of accessories to perform 16 functions
  • Large Feed Chute & 12 Cups Capacity
  • 4 Variable Speeds
  • 500W High-power Motor
  • 2 Years Quality Assurance


  • Some people find it expensive.

4. Professional Food Processor for Shredding, Slicing, Mincing, and Pure

Professional Food Processor for Shredding Slicing Mincing and Pure


Professional Food Processor is a multi-functional food processor. You can use it for chopping, pureeing, mincing, kneading, shredding, and slicing.

Hence, you can use it for shredding cheese, pureeing kids’ food, making biscuit dough, and grinding spices. It is versatile and efficient; you’ll save effort and time.

This food processor contains a bowl of 12-cup capacity and multi accessories. Its big feed chute and 12-cup capacity can accommodate several ingredients, allowing you to have sufficient time to enjoy them instead of chopping. It comes with three discs that you can use for slicing, a dough blade, stainless steel blade, and a bowl scrap.

You can adjust this food Processor is 3 speeds to perform Pulse Function. It contains a motor with a power of 600 watts. Therefore, you can speed up the process of food prep by using this food processor.

It provides the best outcomes due to its 3-speed options (1100-2000R) plus pulse. Hence, it helps you in the quick prepping of your favorite meal.

This food processor contains a considerate processor for users. This unit will not start until the mark on the base, bowl, and lids are correctly closed in its place.

Moreover, Food Processors with a continuous feed feature do not stick during processing even if you keep your feed tube cap open. In addition, the processor remains in its place during processing due to non-skid feet.

Professional Food Processors Warranty

We provide 2 years warranty and customer service ready to serve you within 24h. You can detach the accessories of this food processor and clean it perfectly. Similarly, this is a BPA-free product, and you can safely wash attachments with a dishwasher.

decen professional food procesor multi functions second image



  • Multi-Functional Food Processor
  • 12-Cup Capacity Bowl & Multi Accessories
  • 3 Speed Adjustable and Pulse Function
  • Considerate Processor Designed for you


  • Some customers face problems in assembly and durability.

5. AICOK Home Use Meat and Food Slicer with Food Pusher & Non-Slip Feet

AICOK Home Use Meat and Food Slicer kitchen appliance main image


This meat slicer has a 0-15mm adjustable thickness dial for customizing slices. It is excellent for cutting cheese, vegetables, and fruit.

It has an upgraded 7. 5’’ stainless steel cutting blade (Removable) with a powerful 150-Watt AC motor and exquisite craftsmanship, which can help you cut food in an orderly manner.

The Food Processor has a space-saving design (16.33 * 10.6 * 10.6 inches). This slicer is small enough for most cabinets and countertops. Similarly, it is perfect for making homemade beef jerky and party platters.

Firstly, the seamless and removable features and die-cast aluminum housing make sanitation easy. Its blade, food carriage, and food pusher are removable, allowing a thorough cleaning.

Secondly, the blade safety guard, sturdy non-slip feet, and food pusher ensure that the electric slicer will stay in its place.

AICOK Home Use Meat and Food Slicer with Food Pusher electric meat grinder

Therefore, you can keep a firm grip while operating. It contains an on/off switch that offers added safety.



  • Precise thickness
  • Upgrade design
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use


  • Some people complain about its durability.

6. One-touch TIBEK Electric Cheese Grater Shredder Vegetable Slicer and Professional Salad Shooter for Home Kitchen Use

One touch TIBEK Electric Cheese Grater Shredder Vegetable Slicer main image


When you buy this electric grater, it comes with 4 attachments. Its roughly grated cone can slice vegetables for making salads. Its thick slice cone cut potatoes, carrots, onions, and cucumbers.

For example, the fine-grinding cone can make fruit and vegetable puree. The last one, the grinding cone, is ideal for grinding hard cheese, peanuts, coconuts, or chocolate.

The electric grater is designed to quickly chop, slice, or cut cheese, vegetables, or fruits. It contains a powerful 200 W motor, and a built-in tapered blade can be used for slicing, cutting, and grinding vegetables to prepare dishes in a shorter time span.

The attachments are easy to use except for the motor and can be put in the dishwasher or just rinsed under the tap. So, the cleaning steps are very simple.

The Food Processor contains a one-button design that saves you from the complex operation. You just have to press the button. Within seconds, the food you want can be presented in front of you. It is made of high-quality food-grade substances.

Moreover, the slicer is made of stainless steel, robust and durable, which can better decorate your kitchen. This electric cheese grater fits easily on any tabletop or countertop. Its cable is long enough can be easily wound on the bottom before being stored somewhere.

food processors model TIBEK Electric Cheese Grater Shredder Vegetable Slicer and Professional Salad Shooter



  • Multifunctional Electric Grater
  • Quick and Easy Slicing
  • Easy Cleaning and Usage
  • Food-Grade Materials and Fashionable Outlook


  • It is not budget-friendly for some people.

7. AICOK Multifunctional Food Processor

best food processors model AICOK Multifunctional Food Processor main image


AICOK Multifunctional Food processor provides professional versatility in its performance. Its stainless-steel S-blades slice, plastic S-blade, and reverse shred disc deliver restaurant-worthy outcomes.

You can easily use it and get quick work of everyday grinding, chopping, mixing, and pureeing!

Chop vegetables, fruits, bread, and meat, mix up relishes and blend up dips and sauces. This food processor contains a large feed chute, so you do not need to prepare foods to struggle with multiple tools when this food processor can do everything for you in less than a minute.

It has an 800W Powerful motor with 2 speeds plus pulse control, giving you precise control to produce coarse or fine results.

You can easily detach its parts; the dishwasher is available. It is non-toxic, has food-grade materials, and has convenient non-slip feet. It has 3 points safe protection design, protecting it from overheating. This machine can only work when the lid is secured.

You can ask for a replacement or give your money back if there is any problem with our product within the warranty period. AICOK Food Processor has 24/7 customer service and lifetime technical support.


  • Multi-functional food processor
  • Large feed chute and powerful motor
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Safe to use & easy to clean
  • Year warranty


  • Despite the safe locking process, unlock mechanism is time taking.


Top 10 Specs to look for when buying the best food processors for your kitchen

You have many options for purchasing food processors because of their availability in multiple versions and models. For finding the best food processors for 2022, we considered several popular brands.

In addition, we looked to honest consumer reviews for invaluable feedback about user experience.

1. Size of the Food Processor

The size is a crucial thing to consider for Food Processors. If you’re in the market for a food processor that can undertake small tasks such as mincing small volumes of food, you should consider a smaller capacity unit or a mini-processor, which will work better for these chores.

When making large volumes of food daily, a big bowl is a better option for you.

2. Price Range of the food processor

Food Processors are available in a wide range. You can get what you pay for, and that’s not always a bad thing. Therefore, you should spend from $25 to $55 on simple choppers and $220 to $420 on high-end professional-grade gadgets.

3. Type and company

The name of a brand is not always the most reliable indicator that a food processor will meet your needs. (Neither is a high price tag!) The best processors for you depend on your unique goals.

High-end names bring joy and amazement. That said, trusted, well-reviewed brands include AICOK and TIBEK.

4. Processing Power of the food processor

The Food Processors require the power of between 100 and 800 watts. More powerful, and the bigger ones can run for longer without heating the system’s motor. They can use up to 2500W of power.

You can face the problem of overheating when you try to overwork your food processor.

5. Control buttons and accessibility

The pricier machines may include countdown timers, LCDs, and dedicated buttons for shredding, slicing, mixing, and pureeing. The budget models provide minor customization.

When your food-processing needs are modest, one or two speeds are all you need.

6. Set up and assembly

Food Processors come in many parts. These parts can make for a challenging setup. We considered assembly to ensure that you are off to a good start.

7. Attachments

Various models and brands come with different accessories and attachments. You will not need to use all of them all the time. Therefore, choose a food processor with accessories according to your lifestyle.

8. Warranty time of the food processor

The more money you spend, the more extended the warranty you will get. You should expect one year for less expensive models and upward of two years for premium machines.

9. Buy the food processor, keeping in mind your average usage time

Several Food Processors will come with one to three-year warranties. Some brands offer extended warranties, but we don’t recommend investing in one as it tends to cost more than any potential repairs.

10. Food processor manual support provision

Many Food Processors include manuals for more effortless operation and may even offer recipe books. Based on these factors and more, we determined 2022’s best Food Processors for the chef in your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked questions about the best Food Processors in 2022.

1. Are Food Processors Expensive?

The cost of a food processor can differ significantly, depending on the model you choose. The price is a crucial factor, as different models can vary from under $50 to $500.

The best 2022 Food Processors range in price from around $40 to about $400, but you may be able to find cheap or expensive models.

2. What are Food Processors used for?

Many Food Processors can handle a lot of ingredients in a large variety of food preparations. They contain grinding jaws that can tackle even tough foods like seeds, meats, and nuts.

Similarly, softer ingredients like veggies, herbs, and fruits are easy to cut. You need to be aware that some Food Processors would not do as thorough a job as blenders for pureeing or blending, such as for cream soups.

3. What is an ideal processing power of a food processor?

The Food Processorsrequire power between 100–800 watts. More powerful, and the bigger ones can run for longer without heating the system’s motor. They can use up to 2500W of power.

You can face the problem of overheating when you try to overwork your food processor.

4. What are food processors usually recommended by chefs?

Although some commercial-grade food processors are out there (AICOK Electric Meat Grinder, 5-IN-1 Meat Mincer is an often-cited chef favorite), many professional cooks rely on the same brands and models you can buy for home use.

The AICOK Multifunctional Food Processor, TIBEK Electric Cheese Grater, Professional Food Processor, and AICOOK 16 Functions Food Processor.

5. What should be the average life expectancy of a food processor?

It feels great to buy a machine with a lifetime warranty, but the reality is that even the highest-rated appliances break down over time. The average warranty for food processors is 2 years.

6. How is it beneficial to use multifunctional Food Processors?

If you cook regularly, you can benefit from having a food processor. These multipurpose tools reduce the hands-on time in tons of recipes. By using a processor, you can make many dishes quickly.

A food processor is a beneficial investment if you feel tired after grinding, mashing, or chopping by hand.

Choosing your food processors

This is the era of digitalization where we want to do our activities at a fast pace. Other extensions include whisks and dough blades for mixing and kneading dough. They are commonly supplied with slicing and shredding discs too.

You can feel confused while choosing the best Food Processor for you. There is an array of models on the market from well-known brands such as AICOK and TIBEK.

These are affordable, and they also come in a wide range of different sizes and with a myriad of attachments.

Food Processors – Conclusion

You can see the effect of science and technology on all the things manufactured in 2022. The purpose of creating Food Processors is to bring ease to daily chores. AICOK and TIBEK have taken the responsibility of producing innovative and multifunctional food processors.

Similarly, tests have shown that AICOOK and Professional food processors are also wonderful inventions in 2022.

Decen 12 Cup Food Processor, Variable Speed Food Processor with Dough Blade, Professional Chopper With 600W Powerful Motor, BPA Free, Silver – $98.99

These brands have provided you authority to control the function of food processors. You can make your favorite food items quickly because these food processors help you prepare before cooking.

These are some reasons that these best seven food processors are purchased enormously and have become a part of every home kitchen.

Hopefully, you have gained all the necessary details regarding the best food processors in 2022. Enjoy your shopping experience!


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