5 Best Oster Blenders (2022 Reviews)

Last Updated on April 19, 2022

Have you read good comments about the Oster brand but aren’t sure which Oster blenders to buy?

Or do you simply want to add a blender to your kitchen range?

For 75 years, Oster blenders have helped people ensure that every salsa, smoothie, or shake you make is enjoyed to absolute perfection.

These blenders are the first mainstream blending machines. The earliest Oster machine was released back in 1946. Still, in the 21st century, the blending brand is thriving.

Best Oster Blenders Selected by The Author




Check Price

  • 700 watts power motor

  • 10-Year DURALAST All Metal Drive

  • 16 Speeds

  • Food processor attachment

  • 700 Watt inside-built motor

  • 3 Pre-programmed settings

  • Dishwasher safe

  • 8-cup, BPA-free Tritan plastic dishwasher-safe jar

  • 1000 power watts

  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty

  • 1400 watts of powerful motor

  • 64-Ounce BPA-free Tritan jar

  • 2 color cookbooks with recipes


Oster has many home appliances like food processors, juicers, toasters, and kitchen blenders. Generally, Oster blenders come in durable and impressive quality. Although they’re made of plastic, Stainless Steel, and glass, you can have many choices per your budget.

Stain, heat, and shatter-resistant ultra-durable Boroclass®. Glass Jars are built to withstand extreme conditions.

Most of their jars, blades, and lids can go straight into the dishwasher for an easy and quick clean. Some Oster blenders include accessories or unique attachments, like food processors. Moreover, if you’re planning to buy Oster blenders to puree soup, they can hot blend, an exciting feature.

Nowadays, cooking all your meals might have initially felt cathartic, but that’s where an Oster blender could save your time and energy.

If you are looking for versatility in blenders, you’re in the right place.

We’ll review the 5 top Oster blenders to help you find the best Oster blender. So, here, we’ve rounded up the best Oster blenders, as reviewed by the most enthusiastic customers on Amazon.

1. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

best oster blenders model Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with fruits inside


The Oster 6812-001 is a versatile and powerful speed blender to help create deliciously flavorful and delicious meals. It has a modern and sleek design with a 700-watt motor that starts with an extra power boost.

This moves ingredients down into the blade to ensure smooth crushing and blending. Firstly, the efficient Oster 6812 blender works great for mixing frozen margaritas, whipping up fruit smoothies, stirring up zesty salsas, blending pureed soups, etc.

Secondly, choose between high power and low power and 16-speed settings including blend, grate, shred, mash, grind, frappe, liquefy, stir, puree, chop, whip, beat, ice crush, pulse, and more. The blender features sharp ice-crushing stainless steel blades to ensure an exclusive all-metal drive system and smooth results.

In addition, the 2 connecting pieces, from the blade to the motor, are made of metal (not of plastic) for long-lasting performance and enhanced performance durability.


Now let’s jump into its pros and cons.


  • 700 power watts/450 blending watts
  • Highly powered
  • 4 point design to chop and pulverize with precision
  • Ten years warranty for lasting durability
  • A 2-ounce filler cap with built-in markings
  • 5 Cup Boroclass Glass Jar
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean


  • Loud and noisy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can this blender make a green smoothie?

Answer: As long as your ingredients are green, they can make green smoothies.

Question: Is this blender really a stainless steel brushed finish?

Answer: No, it’s neither stainless steel nor chrome; it is plastic, stainless steel.

Question: Is this Oster’s blender BPA free?

Answer: Yes, the glass jar material of this blender is BPA-free.

Question: Can I get a replacement for the glass jar of Oster blender?

Answer: Yes. You can buy replacements from Oster’s official website.

2. Oster Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

best oster blenders second model 16 speed blender with fruits inside


The Oster Core 16-Speed Blender has 16 different speed modes and pulse control to achieve a smooth blend for beginners.

If we talk about its power, this Oster blender comes with a 700 Watt inside-built motor. When we talk about its speed, fans of manual speed control would be disappointed by the lack of speed settings on this Oster blender.

There are only 2 manual modes, “High” and “Low.” Another remarking feature is the durability of this Oster blender; that’s why it hits a home run for the most part. It has a 40 oz Boroclass small and thick glass jar. Its base looks cheaply made, but the stainless steel blades are also very durable.

With the 16 auto modes, it’s an excellent choice for beginners. Even though it’s an old-designed blender, the Oster Core 16-Speed Blender offers many unique features that no other blender does. Along with that, it also comes with Oster’s Ten years warranty in the United States.

However, if you need a more modern blender, spend your money buying the Oster Reverse Crush Blender.

Now let’s jump into its pros and cons.


  • Dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar
  • 700 power watts
  • Highly powered
  • Oster’s Ten years warranty for lasting durability
  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel blades


  • The countertop base is made out of very cheap plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the food processor and blender both are made up of glass?

Answer: Only the blender container is made of glass; the food processor part is made of plastic.

Question: Does the milkshake blade compatible with this model

Answer: Yes! The milkshake blade is fit for this Classic Series blender. So, it makes your shakes less watery and smooth than a regular blending blade.

Question: What size is the food processor?

Answer: The food processor attachment has a 3-cup capacity.

Question: Does it come with a metallic base?

Answer: Yes, it has a metallic base.


3. Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment


The ultimate selling point of this Oster Pro 1200 is its affordable price. So, this blender has a food processor attachment in the same price range.

Another plus side of this Oster Pro Blender is its glass jar. Many modern blenders have a plastic container, but it’s a fragile and heavy option. Glass jar is a non-reactive material.

Firstly, the extra-wide 3.5 inches jar allows ingredients to reach the blade easier for smooth and faster results. Secondly, it includes a 5-cup food processor with shredding and slicing blades; the food chopper makes guacamole, salsa, or your favorite dip with comfort.

Moreover, with all these features, this blender is super affordable, along with its three-years warranty. That’s quite remarkable compared to other blenders with only one year warranty in the same price range.

So, if you’re looking for a personal cup, go and get the Oster Pro 1200. It comes with a 24 oz BPA-free Blend, apart from its 48 oz glass jar. In addition, it has a sip-and-seal lid for your convenience.

Now let’s jump into its pros and cons.


  • Extremely affordable
  • 3-speed buttons with pulse
  • Glass jar
  • 3 pre-programmed settings for one-touch blending
  • Filler cap doubles as a measuring cup
  • Robust 1200-watt motor
  • Comes with a 24-ounce smoothie cup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Larger blade design than previous models
  • 3-year warranty
  • BPA-free


  • Outdated & old design
  • The blade assembly is not fixed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is an Osterizer blender?

Answer: It is a legacy Oster blender, and it was released back in 1946.

Question: What is the best Oster blender?

Answer: One of the most popular Oster models is the Oster Pro 1200. It’s an affordable blender with a robust motor, glass pitcher, and durable build.

Question: Can Oster blender crush ice?

Answer: Yes, its 1200-watt motor is powerful enough for crushing ice.

Question: Can you put the Oster blender in the dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, all removable parts of Oster Pro 1200 are dishwasher safe.

Question: Can an Oster glass blender handle hot liquids, especially soups?

Answer: Yes, glass blenders can take handle hot soups, etc. Before you blend soups with Oster Pro 1200, don’t forget to remove the lid’s inner cap. It will help to prevent pressure build-up.

Question: Can I grind coffee beans in an Oster blender?

Answer: Yes, you can grind coffee beans in your Oster blender, but don’t expect the same quality with a proper coffee machine.

4. Oster BPCT02-BA0-000 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Toggle Beehive Blender

Oster BPCT02-BA0-000 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Toggle Beehive Blender


The Oster Beehive Blender has a sleek design and powerful performance combined in one blending machine. It has a classic toggle switch that controls 2 speeds and 600 watts of power. You can blend from frozen drinks to dips, smoothies to sauces, and nuts to soups.

In addition, its 6-cup glass jar has been Thermal Shock tested, so you can pull it out of your dishwasher and safely make a frosty creamy cold beverage.

With the help of its stainless steel “ice crusher” blade, you get smooth frozen drinks every time. This Oster Blender is made in the USA and backed by All Metal Drive’s high quality.

As the 2 pieces that connect are made of metal, you get a long-lasting and more durable blender that functions flawlessly. So you can do party after party, and it will stay with you year after year.

It has a 1-year warranty.

Now let’s explore its pros and cons.


  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts
  • Crush ProTM Four stainless steel blades
  • Four-point design to chop and pulverize with precision
  • All-Metal Drive is super durable for a metal-to-metal connection
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty
  • 2 Speeds with LOW/HIGH toggle switch
  • Its six Cup Boroclass glass jar is dishwasher safe
  • The two-ounce filler cap has built-in markings to pour and measure ingredients while blending


  • Loud and noisy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Does a quart-sized jar screw onto the blades/blender base?

Answer: Yes, the narrow mouth, not the wide mouth.

Question: What’s the total weight of this Oster blender?

Answer: It has 6 pounds net weight.

Question: Is this model of Oster’s brand considered a high-speed blender?

Answer: No, the BPCT02-BA0-000 is not a high-speed blender. The blenders with high speed have more than one option, while this blender has only one.

Question: From where can I buy just the glass jar of this Oster blender?

Answer: You can buy that from Oster.com.

5. Oster Versa Blender 1400 Watts – Stainless Steel Blade

best oster blenders model Versa Blender 1400 Watts, Stainless Steel Blade with fruits inside


The most powerful blending machine is the Oster Versa Pro 1400-Watt Blender. It is not a new product as this Oster Series is the contemporary of the Vitamix 7500 pro blender. It has the same length of warranty coverage and a low-profile jar design with a fixed blade.

Oster Versa Pro Series is the name of affordability; I’ll give it to Oster. You can buy two Oster Versa Pros for the price of one Vitamix 7500 blender.

Firstly, compared to commercial-grade blenders, it is a performance blender at a fraction of the price. Secondly, this Oster blender is not an ideal option for grinding whole grains.

Moreover, It can process hot items, but it can’t make hot soup independently. Instead, you have to heat your ingredients separately.

Powerful performance within reach. The Oster Versa Pro series blender is the perfect blend of precision, high-speed Power, and proven performance to ensure the healthiest, freshest blending possible.

Make healthy smoothies from vegetables, whole fruits, and more. Its 250 mph blade speed and powerful 1400-watt motor blend foods to the fresh taste and perfect consistency. So, make the most of your ingredients by exploring Oster’s blend abilities.

Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Variable speed dial (with a pulse)
  • Up to 64-ounce max capacity
  • 3 presets for one-touch blending
  • Powerful 1400-watt motor
  • Three programmed settings with variable speed dial to instantly adjust speed as needed
  • Filler cap doubles as a measuring cup
  • BPA-free
  • Includes a tamper
  • 7-year warranty


  • Outdated old design
  • The lid is not easy to remove
  • Bulky & noisy
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not upgradable, no compatible accessories


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the base of the pitcher rounded or flat?

Answer: The bottom of the side walls make a 45-degree slope down to the lower side of the pitcher, which is flat under the blades.

Question: Can I remove the blade parts from the container?

Answer: No, you cannot remove the blades from the container.

Question: Can I use this blender as a food processor?

Answer: No, it is designed to be used as a blender, not a food processor.

Question: Does it easily blend frozen foods?

Answer: You can blend frozen fruits easily.

Why Get an Oster Blenders?

When you have a sturdy, decent blender, it has many benefits.  Blenders make your kitchen life easy and help you make smoothies and grind up ingredients for cooking.

a woman in the kitchen makes green smoothie

Here are some more common benefits of having a blender, such as:

  • If you have a good blender, it allows you to blend food that’s hard.
  • For smoothie lovers, you can quickly and conveniently make healthy smoothies.
  • Blenders are also helping when you want to make your daily milkshakes and protein shakes.
  • To make juice full of nutrition and fiber, you have to get your blender.
  • You can prepare different fun recipes and sauces with blenders.
  • To can make instant drinks and cocktails, buy your blender.
  • You can whip up delicious and fun dips.
  • Most of the blenders are designed to help you heat soup.
  • Blenders can also add a style to your kitchen.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying an Oster Blenders

  1. Your plan on blending: Your plan on blending is an important decision that will affect the quality of your cement. If it’s too thick, then water might not be able to penetrate all parts and, as a result, won’t have proper circulation, which can lead to mushed-up clumps or even cracks! But if we go with something thinner like baby Formula (or soy milk), there’ll probably be less risk for this happening because their run off quicker, leaving more room under pressure.
  2.  Automation/Preset programs: When it comes to Oster blenders, presets are a great way of getting started. With this program, you can choose from various settings and have your appliance run through an automated series that includes everything needed for creating delicious drinks at home or work!
  3. Weight and dimensions
  4. Motor power
  5. Various speeds
  6. Blade design and material
  7. Pitcher material and capacity
  8. Multifunctionality
  9. Ease of cleaning
  10. Warranty & Price

What is the best way to adjust your Oster blenders?

The three options that you have for optimizing this appliance are:

  1. Changing out its blades,
  2. Adjusting settings on program/preset buttons (time and speed), or
  3. Manually programming it by going into “programs” and then choosing one of nine available cycles such as ‘ice crush.’

The blade choice will depend largely upon what kind of beverage we’re preparing.

However, there can be some overlap between certain types when blended because typically, all recipes call for more extended preparations before adding fruit, etc., so users don’t need multiple models!

Why are the Oster blenders so good?

It has a lot to do with the quality of ingredients they use. All motors in our appliances run on a high-quality current that produces low noise and offers maximum durability for a longer life span!

Every home chef needs a good blender to whip up some tasty drinks and desserts. But, not all blenders are created equal! Before purchasing one, you should consider an assortment of qualities: cost (how much do they run?) power/speed range.

That being said, let’s get into it – While there may be many brands out on store shelves now offering decent models that do just a fine job making smoothies or margaritas.

Best Oster Blenders – Conclusion

You can never go wrong if you get an Oster blender.  For a smoothie lover, you’ll get a lot of use out of any one of Oster blenders.  Which blending machine you choose depends on your budget and needs.

Oster blenders have bar-quality ice crushing power, but they are heavy-duty blending machines. It’s one of few old brands that offer a glass jar material for its pitcher.

The two ultimate reasons to get a blender with an Oster logo are affordability and durability. Despite being cheap, it comes with a 3-year Oster warranty coverage.

Whichever  Oster blender you decide to get, you’ll be sure to love having a healthy and delicious smoothie every day.  So make your move and get your Oster blender today!


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