5 Best Cuisinart Blenders (2022 Reviews)

Last Updated on April 18, 2022

Cuisinart has been around for decades and is best known for its food processors and blenders. It’s a well-known kitchen equipment brand, so you can be sure you’re getting a good blender. But, with so many models to choose from, how can you decide which one to buy?

To assist you in choosing a great Cuisinart blender, we thoroughly tested and reviewed all of the current models. Each evaluation considers pricing, design, power, materials, and warranty to help you compare devices quickly.

Best Cuisinart Blenders Selected By The Author:




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  • 7-Speed touch pad controls

  • LED indicators

  • Powerful 500-watt motor

  • Food processor attachment

  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup

  • 56-ounce durable BPA-free plastic jar

  • The blender has electronic touchpad

  • The Smoothies Bible By Pat Crocker

  • 2.25 peak HP motor

  • Large 60-ounce BPA-free Tritan plastic jar

  • 300 watts power

  • Variable speed slide control

  • Smoothies, baby food, and foamy drinks can all be pureed


1. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender & Food Processor

best cuisinart blenders model BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet BlenderFood Processor with fruits


This blender from Cuisinart is the first on our list of the best Cuisinart blenders. It has 7-Speed touchpad controls with LED indicators: off, on, pulse, stir, chop, mix, puree, food processor, and ice crush.

The cord length of this blender is 36 inches. It has a 3-Cup food processor attachment with a feed tube and pusher, a slicing/shredding disc, and a chopping blade.

It has a very powerful 500-watt motor that blends everything perfectly and in no time. The cup is large enough to contain 48 oz of juice. It has a glass blender jar.

This countertop appliance that can be used for cooking and cleaning is an incredible time-saver. You can easily prepare a carrot cake, and grating carrots in the food processor rather than grating them by hand is more accessible, and the compact size makes it easy to manage.

Compared to other large food processors, this one is so much easier to clean. The blender also works nicely and is large enough for everything to blend. This blender comes with multiple functions. Usually, it is extremely difficult to grind ice for mixed cocktails without difficulty.

Chopping becomes very easy with this tool. It’s simple to switch between blender and processor. It doesn’t take up much counter space. The fact that the jar is broader and shorter appeals to many customers.


It does a decent job of blending and processing food, and it takes up a lot less room than two machines. It’s ideal to have two high-end appliances if you’re going to do a lot of blending and food processing, but these requirements work perfectly.

2. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

best cuisinart blenders second model with fruits near and inside


Cuisinart’s Mini-Prep Plus DLC-2ABC Food Processor is the smallest and cheapest Cuisinart food processor you can buy, yet it does a fantastic job on the chores it’s built for.

This three-cup food processor features a powerful 250-watt motor and an intelligent power blade that reverses for grinding or chopping. It does not have a feed tube-like larger processor, but it has a drizzle hole in the top to add liquids while processing. Brushed chrome, pink, metallic red, and white are the four colors offered for this model.

The blade has an auto-reversing blade for better chopping herbs or tiny materials and an extremely sharp end for blending or pureeing soft meals. Cutting and grinding spices and hard foods is very easy with a blunt edge.

You can use the DLC-2ABC for various tasks, including chopping, mixing, and pureeing. Grind is used to grind spices and other complicated things such as peppercorns or chocolate. For the greatest precision during the chopping or grinding process, combine these two functions with the Continuous-hold action or Pulse. There’s a spatula, a manual, and a recipe book included with this blender.

It’s compact and doesn’t take up much counter space, so it’s ideal for small kitchens. In addition, the Mini-Prep fits nicely in congested cabinets. It has a hidden cord storage compartment that keeps the cord off the counter. This storage area is located beneath the apartment.


It’s a lovely, uncomplicated device that won’t conflict with other appliances and can be used in various kitchen layouts and color schemes. The brushed chrome finish is classic and easy to maintain.

3. Cuisinart SPB650 Velocity Ultra 7.5 1-HP Blender with 4 Travel Cups

SPB650 Velocity Ultra 7.5 1-HP Blender with 4 Travel Cups


Its large 56-ounce BPA-free plastic jar has a tight-seal lid, a soft-touch handle, and a 2-oz. measuring cap for exact measurements. The touch screen touchpad on the blender allows you a simple selection for your blending needs.

Ice Crush and Smoothie controls, Low and High blending speeds, and a handy Pulse function are all included in this sleek and powerful blender.

This blender is built to last long. You can create frozen fruit smoothies daily without taking much time and energy. It has a high-speed velocity and speed; hence, it quickly makes the purees and smoothies in no time.

The Cuisinart SPB650 saves the hustle and energy in making smoothies with other blenders. It has 4 travel cups that you can easily carry to wherever you go.

4. Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

Hurricane Blender on the table with a lot of fruits near


The Cuisinart Hurricane Blender is our top selection. This well-designed model comes with a powerful motor, a slew of useful features, and fair pricing.

The Cuisinart Hurricane blender has a reasonable weight of 9.55 pounds. The gunmetal or white plastic base feels sturdy, and the included 60-ounce pitcher is constructed of BPA-free Tritan and has an excellent plastic grip.

The eight-button interface on this device is a little confusing. Still, it includes a variety of settings and presets, including ice crush and smoothie programs, automated load detection, and a programmable countdown timer. We loved the efficient cover and robust metal gears, and the 2.25-horsepower motor is powerful but slightly noisy.

It had some leaking difficulties around the base, and the four-tip stainless steel blade assembly, while sturdy, doesn’t function well in tiny quantities. Cuisinart offers a three-year warranty on all of its blenders.

5. Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

smart stick hand blender with a cup near high dimensions


Cuisinart’s CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender is a sturdy and attractive appliance. This three-in-one hand blender can handle various tasks, and the majority of the pieces are dishwasher safe. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty. This gadget could be your next kitchen buy, depending on the user’s blending needs, the size of the user’s hands, and the kitchen’s aesthetics.

The Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional immersion blender. Smoothies, baby food, and foamy drinks can all be pureed with the immersion blender arm with the bell base. This tool is incredible on its own.

This kitchen gadget comes with three attachments, making it a must-have for tiny kitchens with limited storage space for heavy appliances. Don’t use your KitchenAid stand mixer to produce a simple, fresh whipped cream or meringue topping. Switch out the immersion blender wand for a whisk, and you’re ready to go with this hand-held gadget.

Cuisinart’s CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender is a high-quality tool with many functions at an affordable price. Its three-year warranty outperforms the majority of the market. The two-button starting may be the only stumbling block for individuals with tiny hands.

Why is the CSB-179 one of the best Cuisinart blenders?

The Cuisinart CSB-179 has a powerful 300-watt motor housed in a sturdy stainless-steel unit. The stainless-steel detachable immersion shaft tapers down into a bell-shaped blade guard to protect fingers and prevent splatter. A release button on the back of the housing unit lets the attachments detach with ease.

Most of the elements, including the immersion blending shaft, whisk head, chopper/grinder bowl, and mixing cup, are dishwasher safe. Rinse the cover and blade of the chopper/grinder attachment and the business end of the blending shaft immediately after use to prevent food from drying and crusting in the blades.


If you prefer hand washing, the attachments are simple to clean, with particular attention paid to the immersion blending bell base area. The stainless-steel motor housing unit may be kept in outstanding condition with a simple wipe with a moist cloth.

History of Cuisinart

Carl Sontheimer, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus who was inspired by his love of French cuisine, founded Cuisinart in 1971. Cuisinart and its principal product, the food processor, were born due to this.

Cuisinart debuted its brand during a trade fair in Chicago in January 1973. Cuisinart’s success was modest at first until a review in Gourmet magazine boosted sales.

For nearly 25 years, Cuisinart has been improving the art of delicious cooking. Now they have put all their learning into a fully equipped kitchen with simple-to-use appliances that make cooking a delight.

Cuisinart Corporation is a well-known small kitchen equipment maker. Cuisinart is well known for its food processors, which helped create this home appliance as its market category.

Coffee makers, hand blenders, hand mixers, and toasters, among other housewares, were soon added to the company’s product line. The Cuisinart name has long been associated with high-quality construction and premium pricing regardless of the kitchen convenience.

Starting Out

Carl and Shirley Sontheimer founded Cuisinart. Carl Sontheimer, an engineer, and physicist, who trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and owned and controlled Amzac Electronics until 1967 when he sold it. Rather than facing retirement, he chose a career that blended his technical ability with his favorite interest, cooking.

cuisinart blenders on the table in the kitchen with a lot of fruits

While visiting a housewares expo in France in 1971, the Sontheimer first encountered Robot-Coupe restaurant meal preparation machines. The Sontheimer decided to start their own housewares company, Cuisinart because they could make a home version of the equipment.

The Sontheimer also got exclusive distribution rights in the United States for three prototype food preparation equipment they bought from the developer of Robot-restaurant Coupe’s food processors.

Building a Better Food Processor

In 1972, Sontheimer designed a home version of these restaurant food processors. He enhanced the machines by lengthening the feed tubes and improving the discs and blades.

In addition, Sontheimer implemented safety safeguards that brought the device into compliance with US rules and standards. Sontheimer then commissioned Robot-Coupe to produce his design, and he debuted his food processor at the 1973 National Housewares Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, less than a year later.

Throughout 1974, Sontheimer worked to improve his food processor design. His changes to the device’s blades and discs allowed him to chop a pound of meat in under 60 seconds and create puff shell dough in under 15 seconds. Sontheimer’s improvements not only cut food prep time in half but also made cleanup a breeze.

Gaining Acceptance

Sontheimer demonstrated his food processor to James Beard, Julia Child, and other prominent chefs in order to obtain approval. Sontheimer’s Cuisinart food processor was compared to major innovations like the cotton gin and the steamboat in their endorsements and favorable pieces in Gourmet magazine and the New York Times.

Sales accelerated in 1975, propelling Cuisinart to the forefront of the market is founded. According to industry analysts, Cuisinart moved from selling a few food processors per month to selling between 150,000 and 250,000 in 1976. However, no company records were available to back up the claims.

Cuisinart’s sales had risen to $50 million by 1977. With the success of its product, the company decided to discontinue its contract with Robot-Coupe, the maker of its food processors. A Japanese company instead took over Cuisinart models.

Competition Of Cuisinart Blenders Heats Up

In 1978, the business released a larger, more powerful, and more expensive variant. Despite the emergence of lower-cost versions from other name-brand manufacturers, Cuisinart remained the market leader, setting a new standard for kitchen appliance pricing.

Cuisinart Blenders – FAQ

1. How do you unlock the Cuisinart hand blender?

  • Cuisinart’s hand blenders are designed to be used by both lefties and right-handed people. Firstly, to unlock the blender, turn it over so that one side is facing up on an inclined plane with four green buttons along its length. Secondly, press any button until your desired setting pops into view (usually, this will involve pressing once for low speed or high). Moreover, position the neck towards the bottom part of the device so the nozzle pops out when turned off.

2. How do I work with my Cuisinart blenders?

  • Cuisinart Blenders are a great way to get all of your food prepared at once, but they can be tricky if you don’t know how to work with them. Here are some tips for making sure everything turns out perfect!

Firstly, always wash the blades before use by running water through them several times or wiping off any residue from previous blending sessions.

This will keep bits like pulp from clogging up both spray gaps and drainage holes on top(which could cause an overflowing problem).

Secondly, to ensure proper suction power during operation, ensure there isn’t too much air trapped below minimum marks 3-4. Moreover, tighten up those suckers (the lid) tight before using them. Otherwise, liquid might leak onto other foods in our fridge thanksgiving dinner scenario where mashed potatoes are.

3. What to do if Blender is not responding?

  • If Blender is not responding, there are a few things that you can try. First off, make sure your computer’s power supply and connection status are correct before pressing any keys on the keyboard or touching anything else to prevent hardware damage from occurring due to an unexpected shock while working with electricity nearby (a good idea even if going over documentation). If this doesn’t work, then try restarting everything, including closing all open applications so they don’t take up extra memory space, which could cause problems later down the line when trying again.

Conclusion of Cuisinart Blenders

Everyone looks for an easy-to-use, high-quality blender these days as it is becoming the essential requirement of each kitchen. Blenders make the cooking process very easy to do, saving time.

Among many brands in the market, Cuisinart blenders are the best ones to choose from. Their blenders are top-notch with high processor machines.

You can choose any one of the five mentioned blenders from Cuisinart. Each of the best Cuisinart blenders has different functions, so you can choose the one that suits you the most according to the price and features.

Let us know which Cuisinart blender worked best for you.


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