9+ Best Omega Juicers (2023 Updated Reviews & Comparisons)

Last Updated on July 1, 2023

At a glance, the best Omega Juicers may seem like any other brand on the market.

However, a closer look reveals that Omega Brand is a leader in masticating juicers, known for their ability to extract more nutrients and produce healthier juices.

In addition, Omega centrifugal juicers are some of the most powerful on the market, making them ideal for those who want to quickly make delicious and healthy juices. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that Omega is one of the best brands for juicers and blenders.

Top 3 Best Omega Juicers Selected by The Author




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  • High juice yield

  • Automatic pulp-ejection function

  • 80 RPMs results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation


  • The no-drip juice tap at the end of the juice spout

  • High yield with Dual-edge auger

  • 43 RPMs for optimal efficiency


  • Nutrition System (nut butters, baby food & pasta)

  • Automatically ejects pulp into a separate container

  • Dual stage masticating extraction



Omega produces high-quality juicers and blenders that can be used for any smoothie recipe you want to use. Their juicers keep your newly-made drinks fresh for 72 hours so that you can prepare three days’ worth of juices in one go.

Here are seven of the top juicers from Omega that people love. These have excellent reviews and make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

1. Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

3 best omega juicers j8006 hds quiet dual stage with carrots on the table


The first juicer is one of the most popular options. This Omega juicer is one of the best available. The Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer is a stainless-steel juicer that uses a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute (RPMs), which minimizes the build-up of heat inside the machine.

Firstly, the slower speed also helps retain the maximum essential nutrients possible. It reduces oxidation, so you get more out of your food. Masticating juicers generally produce a high juice yield. It’s the slowest masticating juicer.

Secondly, by making your homemade fresh juices in this slow-speed masticating juicer, you can withhold the essential nutrients, and antioxidants found naturally in fruits and vegetables. You can make delicious juice by using soft fruits or cutting stronger fruits.

Moreover, antioxidants work by removing damaging free radical oxygen species produced in our bodies through metabolic processes. These free radicals cause oxidative damage to our cells. It has an excellent juice yield in comparison to other juicers.

Oxidative damage can also be caused by external pollutants such as UV rays and toxic chemicals in the air. Using your Omega smoothie to make antioxidant-rich drinks is a great way to reduce this damage and stress in your body.

However, fruits and vegetables also contain several enzymes that support your body’s natural functioning and defense systems to keep you in optimal health. Both antioxidants and plant-based enzymes can boost your immunity too. This is particularly important after the pandemic to stay as healthy as possible.

One of the Best Omega Juicers for the Immune System

The Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage juicer looks excellent in any kitchen. It’s got a sleek silver finish and can be tucked away on your kitchen counter, ready to be used each day when you make your healthy smoothies and juices.

Omega j8006 juicer best for immune system

This machine can make delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices, but you can also use it for other foods. The slower speed setting of 80 revolutions per minute is perfect for making nut butter using fresh and raw nuts. You can also make various pastes with tomatoes and spices or mince herbs and garlic.

This Omega juicer is the answer to your coffee heaven for those who love iced coffees! Add some ice, some teaspoons of your favorite brand of coffee, and a splash of milk to make an amazing iced coffee that you can enjoy this summer.

Froyo is all the rage at the moment. With the weather getting warmer, invest in a slow-speed masticating juicer like this one to create your very own froyo. You can add chunks of chocolate or a packet of strawberries (or both) to give it some flavor.

This juicer features an automatic pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing and makes minimal noise. Five different settings range in power output depending on your needs.

The most important things to keep in mind

Firstly, you have a 15-year warranty on parts and performance, which means you are entirely safe in your product.

Secondly, the nutritional system of one of the three best Omega juicers is such that you can turn nuts into nutty butter, grind coffee and spices, make baby food, squeeze pasta, whip soy milk, and make frozen desserts.

3 best omega juicers omega j8006 with red juice


Moreover, it is easy to clean and professionally made, and with it, you can make fruit juice and vegetable juice, which means a lot because of the vitamins and minerals they contain.

2. Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

3 best omega juicers vsj843qs vertical slow masticating juicer with fruits on the table


The next in the top 3 best Omega juicers is the VSJ843QS Vertical Masticating Juicer. This stunning compact design machine offers the perfect option to make your daily healthy smoothies or juices.

This vertical masticating juicer comes with a 15-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about running into any problems! There’s coverage on all parts and performance. It fits perfectly onto your counter due to its vertical, compact structure.

What’s great about this particular juicer is the no-drop juice tap. This can be closed while you’re making your juice. Once the tap is opened, you can quickly transfer the juice into your cup, so there is no mess at the end. The juicer itself is super easy to clean too. It has an auto-cleaning system that keeps the screen clear and clears the juicer after you’ve finished with it.

This juicer’s slow, squeezing action ensures that your fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients as much as possible. The slow speed movement of 43 revolutions per minute keeps the plant-based enzymes intact, delaying the oxidation process and maintaining the juice’s exceptional properties.

Best Vertical Masticating Juicer

Omega VSJ843QS slow masticating juicer for nutrition value

The VSJ843QS vertical slow-masticating juicer is particularly beneficial to those who want to extract as much nutrition from their juices and smoothies as possible. It’s the best omega juicer among vertical slow juicers.

To create your delicious combinations, you can add almost any fruit or vegetable to the machine. It’s also fantastic for any super busy and wants to prepare your smoothies and juices in advance. The slower revolutions increase the shelf life of your drinks, making them perfect for taking with you on the go or for batching produce for the week ahead.

You can make anything with this juicer, whether you want to throw in some fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or even wheatgrass. It’s exactly what you need to make some healthy and tasty drinks!

Best Omega Juicers – The essential things to keep in mind

Firstly, you also have a 15-year warranty which means Omega thinks about its customers. It is a long safety period, but it also means that Omega knows its juicer will last.

Secondly, the vertical design is compact and productive because you can get the maximum and healthiest juice from fruits and vegetables. This reduces the accumulation of heat and delays the oxidation process, thus increasing the juice’s shelf life. For example, you can keep the juice in the refrigerator for a while after juicing and drink it afterward.

omega vertical j843 with carrots and apple fruits


Moreover, one of the three best Omega juicers is the first patented juicer to use Slow Squeezing Technology (SST). It extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, juice, and nutritional values from the minimum number of fruits and vegetables.

3. Omega Cube Slow Masticating Nutrition System

3 best omega juicers cube nutrition system juicer with fruits on the table


The Cube Slow Masticating Nutrition System Juicer’s final juicer is in the top 3 best Omega juicers. This beautiful silver juicer has a sleek cube design that suits every kitchen and household. It fits nicely onto your kitchen counter, making zero clutter.

The front of the juicer is made of clear glass, so you can see precisely what your juice or smoothie looks like. This helps you get your drink’s consistency the way you like it. There’s nothing worse than a drink that’s too watery!

This juicer is just what you need, whether you want to make juices, smoothies, nut butter, nut milk, or even baby food. It works as a pasta and soy milk extruder and can mince your herbs or grind your coffee beans. It’s more than just a juicer!

This is one of the best Omega-masticating juicers that operates at speeds of 80 revolutions per minute. The slower speed enables maximum health benefits from the ingredients you use. The juicer slowly grinds down the plant’s cell membranes to extract the essential vitamins and minerals.

Best Omega juicer for Fruits, Vegetables & Wheatgrass

3 best omega juicers cube nutrition system made green juice

The slow speed of 80 revolutions every minute makes the resulting drink have a better consistency. Also, there is less foaming, and the temperature can be more easily controlled inside the juicer. This means you get the highest level of nutrition and a fuller-tasting drink.

This slow-speed mastication juicer makes it super easy to live a healthy lifestyle. So, it makes it easy for you to make food and drink that gives you the maximum nutrition possible from every ingredient. The best Omega juicer for green leafy vegetables.

The dual-stage masticating extracting process of the machine gives the optimum yield. It automatically ejects the pulp into a completely separate container, making continuous juicing easy and mess-free.

More fruits and juices on the table

Depending on your design preferences and needs, the Omega juicer is perfect for anybody. Whether you’re on the go and looking for a healthy breakfast to take with you, or you’re relaxing on the weekend and want to make your nut butter, Omega provides one of the five best juicers for you to do so.

It’s a perfect juicer with dry pulp, BPA-free, and the best for processing wheatgrass. Green juices are a healthy and better option than if you want to prepare frozen desserts.

Best Omega Juicers – The essential things to keep in mind

Firstly, this beautiful juicer is on our list of the three best Omega juicers because of its warranty of also 15 years. People like to have the security of purchase, which is precisely what you get in the first place.

Secondly, the juice cube is entirely different and modern for juicer design in general. The advantage is that it uses minimal counter space and minimal heat accumulation. This results in getting more healthy enzymes.

Moreover, it automatically ejects the pulp into a special container and, in addition, provides less foam for healthier and better juice. We must not forget the dual-stage masticating extraction for optimum yield. The Omega juicers BPA free is included. It has an automatic pulp ejection.

3 best omega juicers omega cube nutrition system in parts assembly


This all happens due to the low masticating speed that we mentioned earlier. So, the complete taste is extracted from the food.

4. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer

Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer with green vegetables


The Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health! This juicer uses slow-speed masticating technology to juice at 90-110 RPM, minimizing heat build-up and oxidation.

The cold press juicing method is one of the most effective ways to get the nutritious enzymes and antioxidants that boost immunity and enhance overall health.

Looking for a juicer that’s healthy and easy to use? This juicer is BPA-free, so you can rest assured that your juicing will be healthy. It’s also versatile, efficiently extracting juices from celery, carrots, leafy greens, and other fruits or vegetables. Also, cleanup is a breeze – most removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Moreover, it’s elementary to use – plug it in and let it go! The Omega H3000D is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their immunity and improve overall health. It comes with a handy 10-year warranty, so you can juice worry-free for years to come.


Lastly, with its space-saving design, it’s perfect for everyday use.

5. Omega Vertical Juicer at Low Speed

best omega juicers model Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer main image


Looking for a vertical juicer that will give you the most nutrient-rich juice possible? Look no further than the Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer. This unique juicing system operates at a slow 80 RPM, preventing oxidation and preserving your juice’s natural color, flavor, and nutrients.

The dual-stage extraction process also ensures that you get as much juice as possible from your fruits and vegetables. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your health, the Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer is a perfect choice.

This economical juicer is so efficient and productive you’ll get the most significant amount of nutrient-rich juice from the least amount of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. The low-speed system limits froth and foam, preventing oxidation.

Juice can be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation or juice separation. Three settings: On, Off, and Reverse. The reverse is an option to use when something is stuck in the juicer – so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a machine that’s not working correctly!

vertical low speed juicer second image with fruits near

However, the quiet operation is perfect for any kitchen. Make fresh juice every day with the Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer. Plus, the automatic pulp ejection system makes cleanup a breeze.

6. Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer

MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery juice machine


The Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer is versatile among slow juicers that easily handle hard fruits and vegetables.

Its low speed of 80 RPM produces minimal heat buildup and oxidation, making it an excellent choice for those who want to extract maximum nutrients from their juicing. The dishwasher-friendly components make it easy to clean, and the included end cap makes it easy to adjust the juicing pressure to get a perfect consistency every time.

Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity or enjoy freshly made juice in your kitchen, the Omega MM900HDS is an excellent option.

The Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer is a top-of-the-line nutrition system that allows you to extract the most nutrients possible from fruits and vegetables.

The low-speed, dual-stage masticating juicing produces minimal heat buildup and oxidation, preserving the nutrients in your food. The result is a wetter pulp and a more compact machine with less counter space.

The unit also comes with a wetter pulp collector for a juicer that is easier to clean and a more efficient juicing process. This way, you can make healthy and delicious juices every day. Compared to fast centrifugal juicers, this one can extract the most possible from fruits and vegetables.


7. Omega Juicer NC900HDC – The Juice Extractor and Nutrition System

NC900HDC Juice Extractor and Nutrition System main image


Omega Nutrition Systems are some of the most versatile and efficient juice extractors. The low speed of 80 RPM minimizes heat build-up and oxidation, while the auger system forces produce into a tight chamber.

This allows you to get delicious juices from items as fine as wheatgrass and leafy vegetables. In addition to delicious juices, you can also make all-natural nut butter with a nutrition system.

The food processor attachment makes it easy to create a variety of nut butter flavors. A nutrition system is a great investment for any juicing enthusiast with its high juice extraction efficiency.

The Omega Juicer NC900HDC and Nutrition System are top-quality juicers with outstanding performance. It is a celery juicer that extracts the maximum immunity-boosting and health-enhancing nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes from celery.

This compact juicer has an 80 RPM low speed which prevents heat buildup and oxidation. This juicer is an excellent investment for anyone interested in boosting their immunity and health. Thanks to the Omega NC900HDC Juice Extractor and Nutrition System, you can quickly get all of the benefits of celery juice.

The end cap is adjustable, getting the most juice possible from your celery. The juicer also comes with a special cleaning brush for easy cleanup.

8. Omega MM400GY Medical Medium Juicer with BPA Free & Juice Yield

MM400GY Medical Medium Juicer BPA Free Slow Masticating main image with apple fruit inside


The Omega MM400GY medical juicer is one of the best Omega juicers on the market. It features a large feed chute that fits larger pieces of fruits and vegetables for less prep time and faster juicing.

The slow-speed cold press technology juices at 80 RPM to minimize heat build-up and oxidation, so you get more nutrients in every glass. The juicer is BPA-free for peace of mind and healthy juicing. The MM400GY is also easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use omega juicer.

The Omega MM400GY Medical Medium Juicer is a top-of-the-line compact juicer that offers nutritious juice with less noise.

You can get maximum yield with the 3-stage auger, and it operates quietly compared to other high-speed juicers. This juicer is great for anyone who wants to get the most out of their fruits and veggies. With its low speed, you can be sure you’re getting the most nutritious juice possible.

9. New Omega Juicer JC2022BK11 Vegetable and Fruit Juice Extractor

best omega juicers of 2023 model New Omega Juicer JC2022BK11 Vegetable and Fruit Juice Extractor


The Omega Juicer JC2022BK11 is a middle-range juicer that has taken the juicing industry by storm. Its slow masticating technology ensures that your fruits and vegetables are extracted to perfection without losing any nutrients.

With a large capacity of two liters (68 oz), you can insert whole pieces of produce at once, eliminating the need for a lot of prep work. The all-in-one auger and no juicing screens make assembly and cleanup an effortless process.

This Omega masticating juicer lets you prepare various fruit juices, vegetable juices, nut milk, ice cream, and much more. The auto-detection mode detects pressure inside the juicer, allowing it to move from forward to reverse for optimal performance.

Additionally, the 60-second memory feature permits you to add more ingredients within 60 seconds, and the juicer’s memory feature will automatically remember the last used rotation and operation. This Omega masticating juicer is exactly what you need to have a healthy lifestyle!

Omega Juicer Reviews – FAQs

Which one is the cheapest Omega juicer?

A C2100S juicer is an excellent option for value. It’s currently priced at just under $100, and it’s packed with features that make it ideal for juicing fruits and veggies. The dial has two-speed settings – low for soft fruits and vegetables and high for harder produce.

Also, the removable 9-cup pulp container means that you can juice large quantities of nutritious juice without stopping to empty it. Additionally, the Cubier microfiber cleaning cloth makes cleanup a breeze.

A C2100S juicer is a great option for value the cheapest juicer from best omega juciers


Compared to other low-speed juicers on the market, the C2100S is an excellent value.

How to use the Best Omega juicers?

To use an Omega juicer, unpack all the parts from the box and lay them out on a kitchen bench or table. Unwrap all the plastic and separate the parts. Place the motor body of the juicer near a power, then take the drum out and have it ready.

Pick up the auger and place it inside the drum with the metal part towards the silicon ring at the back of the drum. Place the metal part of the auger into the “in” slot at the top of the motor body, then screw on the rubber cap until it is tight.

Put the funnel onto the top of the motor body and line up the end with the “out” slot. Put your fruits or vegetables into the funnel and turn on the juicer. The juice will flow into a container placed under the “out” slot.

When you have finished juicing, turn off the power, unscrew the rubber cap, remove the auger, funnel, and wash all parts thoroughly with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dry all parts before storing them away in a cupboard or drawer.

It’s essential that the juicing chute is facing upward and vertical position. After you’ve done that, you can then move the locking clip on the end of the motor base to the “closed” position.

Now your juicer is ready to use! Just add your ingredients into the juicing chute and let it do its job. When you’re done, simply reverse the process to clean everything up.


What engine power and speed to consider when buying the best Omega Juicers?

Motor power is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a juicer. A higher-powered motor will be able to extract more juice from your fruits and vegetables, resulting in a higher yield.

Additionally, a powerful motor will make the juice more complex fruits and vegetables easier, so you won’t have to spend as much time preparing your produce.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that any juicer you purchase comes with an instruction manual, as some higher-powered models can be tricky to operate.

An excellent slow juicer should have about 100 RPM, while a centrifugal juicer runs much faster at 24,000 RPM. Most juicers are between 400 and 1000 watts, but the sweet spot is 700 watts and up.

comparing motor power of juicer a woman in the kitchen with a lot of fruits

This allows you to use the juicer frequently and not have to cut your fruits and vegetables into small pieces. Another important consideration is the highest yield possible from the juicer.

Do Omega juicers grind meat?

Masticating juicers are the best type of juicer for grinding meat because they work slowly. The Omega 8006 and Omega NC 900 are two of the best masticating juicers. Both models come with attachments for grinding coffee and making nut butter, so you can also use them to grind meat.

This masticating juicer has a coffee grinding attachment and a nut butter attachment, perfect for grinding meat. If you’re looking for a slow juicer that can handle coffee and nuts, the NC 900 is also a great option.

If you’re looking for a juicer that can grind meat, the Omega 8006 and Omega NC 900 are excellent choices.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Omega Juicers – Which one best suits you?

horizontal vs vertiacal omega juicers comparison

Horizontal masticating juicers are a great choice if you are looking for a versatile appliance that can do more than just juicing. Horizontal juicers can grind the coffee, mince garlic, and make nut butter with the right attachments. They tend to be slightly less efficient than vertical juicers, but they are still a good choice for the average home juicer.

However, if you are looking for the best omega juicer, you might want to consider a vertical model. Vertical juicers are incredibly efficient and extract more juice from fruits and vegetables than horizontal units.

They also tend to be easier to clean, making them a good choice for busy homeowners. While they are not as versatile as horizontal juicers, they are still a good choice for those who want to make fresh, healthy juices regularly.

The difference between horizontal and vertical juicers

There are a few key differences between horizontal and vertical juicers. Centrifugal juicers are known for producing juice at a faster speed. This is because the blades in a centrifugal juicer spin quickly, allowing them to pulverize fruits and vegetables.

However, horizontal masticating juicers are better at juicing leafy greens. The auger in a horizontal juicer grinds greens more effectively than the blades in a centrifugal juicer.

In addition, you don’t have to do as much preparation with your ingredients as you would with a horizontal model. For example, you can juice celery without removing the strings first.

The main downside of vertical juicers is that they can be more challenging to clean than horizontal models. This is because vertical masticating juicers tend to have more nooks and crannies where pulp can get stuck.

Nevertheless, both types of juicers have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best type of juicer for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Why are the Omega juicers so good?

Firstly, it’s highly versatile, with a decade-long warranty, and it can do everything from extruding pasta to making nut milk. With this machine, you’ll have the power to create healthy, delicious meals for your family.

While there are many reasons to buy the Omega Juicer, one big reason is that it can produce juice at different speeds. This means you’re guaranteed your desired pulp and nutrients with every glass. They also have an automatic pulp ejection.

Omega Juicers are excellent for making fresh juice, and this juicer is no exception. Omega’s design makes it easy to use with its multiple components that fit together like puzzle pieces once you’ve put them in place.

Secondly, there isn’t much fussing around trying to figure out what goes where or getting frustrated because of difficulty putting something together when all parts slot into their respective places without any problems whatsoever!

Moreover, the pulp container helps keep everything clean by catching excess residue after pressing down hard on fruits such as carrots which can otherwise end up poking through onto your countertop if not dealt with.

Best Omega Juicers – Conclusion

If you’ve decided to start your healthy eating regime once and for all, you might have taken to Google to search for healthy recipes that you can follow as part of your new diet.

Just one search on the internet for healthy meals, snacks, and drinks, brings up hundreds of smoothie recipes. This is because smoothies are an incredible way to obtain essential nutrients while enjoying a tasty snack.

Which one are you going to go for? The Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer, the Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer, or the Omega Cube Slow Masticating Nutrition System JuDepending on your preferences, your?

You can put pretty much any fruit and most vegetables into a science. If your goal is to maximize muscle growth, you can even add protein powder to your smoothies to give your body the extra boost to grow new muscle.

The vertical low-speed juicers provide a richer and smoother consistency to your juices while retaining as many essential nutrients from the raw ingredients as possible.

Best Omega Juicers – About the Brand

Omega is one of the leading juicer companies for a reason! They provide high-quality products with the customer in mind. Every juicer has its unique qualities, so there is a product for every need and occasion.

Firstly, with impressive ratings and reviews, Omega is proud to help people worldwide start enjoying their time in the kitchen.

However, even those who have limited time or don’t enjoy creating healthy foods and drinks from scratch will benefit from using one of the Omega slow-masticating juicers. They make it easy to become healthy both inside and out!

Brand black background

Founded in 1985, originally as Olympic Products, Omega is now one of the leading brands for juicers and blenders. Legacy companies acquired Omega in 2009, and the main characteristics of the juicer are that they set aside 20% to 30% more juice than the others.

Another important thing is an automatic pulp ejection system that allows users to clean and dispose of it quickly and easily. Omega claims that some juicers can make baby foods, fibrous vegetables, grind coffee, extrude pasta, and various fruits. They have warranty coverage, plus it is a smart long-term investment.

Whether you need to juice citrus fruits, or soft fruits, or to make wheatgrass juice or orange juice,  Omega can fulfill your desires.

Drink well. Eat well. Live well with Omega, which now ships internationally to over 120 countries worldwide. Omega Juicers reviews have you covered from juicing to blending to extraction, so you can prepare and enjoy some amazing smoothies and juices.






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