5+ Best Breville Juicers 2023 Reviews (Juice Fountain)

Last Updated on July 1, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best Breville juicers! This article is going to detail 5 of the most popular Breville juicers. Each one of these devices is cost-effective yet high-quality and professional.

Whether you’re new to the world of juicing or a seasoned pro, we’ll help you find the perfect Breville juicer to suit your needs. From the efficiency of centrifugal juicers to the vibrant flavors of freshly juiced fruits, get ready to discover the ultimate juicing experience.

Most people think of fruit juices and smoothies as a summer-only drinks to enjoy with your friends and family.

However, if you invest in a high-quality juicer, there is no reason why you can’t use it all year round.

Best Breville Juicers Selected by The Author




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  • Cold spin Technology

  • Quiet juice setting

  • Extra large 70 fl oz

  • 3 inch extra wide feed chute

  • High and low speed function

  • 32 fl oz feed chute

  • Powerful 240 watts motor

  • Forward and reverse button

  • Stainless steel mesh filter


If you love a dark red, berry-filled smoothie or a bright yellow veggie-filled juice to start your day, you can easily combine your favorite fresh ingredients into one using these products.

Breville Juicers extract the delicious juice from your fruits and vegetables before squeezing and separating the juice from the pulp. This helps maintain all of the goodness (the essential vitamins and minerals) of the ingredients without compromising the taste.

1. Breville Juice Fountain BJE830BSS Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer

best breville juicers model cold xl with a bottle of orange juice


This stunning stainless steel Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL Juicer is one of the most popular options. And this is for a good reason!

This juicer looks perfect in any kitchen with its sleek and professional design. But its aesthetics are only half of the story. Aside from looking great, this machine provides a powerful, high-quality juicing mechanism ideal for beginners or professionals in the kitchen.

With the large 3.5-inch feed shoot and spacious inner compartment, the Breville Fountain Cold XL can hold 70 fluid ounces of juice. This means you can create multiple portions at once.

Therefore, whether you are a meal prepping for the week ahead or creating juices for the whole family, you can save time and energy with this juicer.

The powerful motor inside the Breville Juice Fountain presses your ingredients five times faster than a traditional cold press machine. At the same time, smart technology within the juicer extracts as many nutrients out of fruits and vegetables as possible.

Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer Features

The cold has been technology, and the precision mesh filter avoids damage to your ingredients and maintains the vitamins and minerals throughout the blending process. This means you get a delicious juice packed full of nutrition.

cold fountain xl feed chute with an apple inside

This powerful extraction process also reduces the need for pre-cutting your fruits and vegetables. Simply halving the whole fruits and popping them straight into the juicer will result in a smooth and consistent juice or smoothie.

So, if you’re in a rush to get to work in the mornings, this device will save you a bunch of preparation time!

Worried about noise?

Don’t worry! The Fountain Cold XL model has noise-reducing technology so you can enjoy creating delicious places without making a lot of noise and disturbing those around you. Overall noise is reduced by around 40%.


At 14.3 pounds, this machine is easy to move around your kitchen. The pulp bin is located at the back of the machine. It fits perfectly on any kitchen counter space. Alternatively, you can store it away in your cupboard if you need the extra workspace.

2. Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL Centrifugal Juicer

best breville juicers model je98 with a bottle and carrots on the table


This next juicer is known as the JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus. It is the perfect option for beginners who are looking to get introduced. However, it’s also great for those who have been juicing for years and are looking for a professional machine to up their game.

This option has a centrifugal mechanism that pulses and blends your ingredients with high force. The titanium-reinforced disk and stainless-steel micro-mesh filter baskets are designed to maximize juice extraction from your fruits and vegetables.

With a 3-inch extra-wide fruit chute, the Juice Fountain Plus makes it super easy to produce multiple portions of juice in one go.

No more using the excuse that you have no time to prepare healthy foods and drinks! Your preparation time is decreased by the widened chute because there is no need to pre-chip your ingredients.

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Cleaning & Electronic Control

Cleaning is quick and simple with the Juice Plus model because of the smooth and sleek professional-grade materials that it is made from.

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Cleaning and Electronic Control

Experience the benefits of the 2-Speed Electronic Control, designed to enhance your juicing experience with higher juice yield and noise reduction technology.

By utilizing the low-speed option, you can effectively extract every last drop of juice from softer fruits and leafy vegetables. This can maximize the yield and ensure no precious nutrients go to waste.

Say goodbye to unnecessary noise and hello to efficient juicing with remarkable results.

Testing one of the best Breville juicers – JE98XL

This machine contains a juice jug and a frothy separator. This enables you to create delicious recipes that are free of nasty froth. The two-speed control mechanism makes it easy to control the consistency of your juices. You can choose a high speed for the harder, more sturdy vegetables or a low-speed option for the softer, less dense produce.

It has a powerful output with its 850 Watts/110 Volts dual-speed motor. This ensures fast and efficient blending.

Whether you prefer to store your home appliances in a cupboard or you like to leave them out on your kitchen countertop for easy access. The juice fountain compact model will enable you to do so.

Also, the power cord wraps around the bottom of the machine, and you can remove the pulp container for extra easy storage.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer Brushed in Stainless Steel with fruits


The Breville Juice Fountain Plus comes with a froth separator and a cleaning brush to make your juicing simple. There is a one-year limited product warranty, so you can rest assured knowing you’re covered in case anything goes wrong.

3. Breville Masticating Juicer BJS700SIL Big Squeeze

best breville juicers model big squeeze slow juicer silver color


The aptly named Big Squeeze juicer is exactly how it sounds. It is a large, powerful juicing machine that can chop and blend your fresh ingredients to produce delicious juice.

Firstly, this stainless-steel model comes with a mesh filter and a large pulp container so you can create your favorite juice recipes quickly and easily.

The powerful 110-120 volts motor ensures you get the maximum yield from your fruits and vegetables. This means you waste less food and less money on your weekly shopping bill! It also means you can extract the maximum number of vitamins and minerals from your ingredients.

Secondly, the crushing and squeezing action of the big squeeze juicer ensures that you get a homogenous juice that contains minimal insoluble fiber. One of the best masticating juicers gives the juice a smoother texture and makes it much more enjoyable to drink.

From broccoli and kale to tomato and pepper to pineapple and banana, the options are endless when it comes to creating a nutrient-dense juice.

For example, choose the fruits and vegetables that are your favorites and find amazing new combinations to try with the Big Squeeze Breville slow masticating juicer.

Moreover, the large feed chute measures around 3 inches, meaning you can insert a bunch of ingredients into the juicer all at once. No more chopping and blending in small doses!

Video test & features of the best Breville juicers – Big squeeze


As with the above juices, this particular Breville machine uses an ultraquiet motor that produces very little noise as it rotates.

There is also minimal heat transfer through the machine. This means you can extract as many vitamins and minerals out of the ingredients as possible without them being over-blended.

Firstly, if you absolutely hate cleaning up after cooking, this machine is for you. This machine is self-cleaning with a self-rinse stainless steel mesh filter component. It can be easily assembled and dissembled so you can wipe out every compartment.

Secondly, as the machine weighs just 12 pounds, you can easily move it around according to your needs. If you prefer to store your kitchen appliances away in the cupboard, the Big Squeeze will fit perfectly into most small spaces.

The feed chute sits above the blending component and the motor, meaning the machine takes up very little lateral space. This leaves your kitchen countertop clear and more easily accessible.

best breville juicers 2023 model Masticating Juicer BJS700SIL Big Squeeze main image


Moreover, with all other Breville products, the Big Squeeze comes with a one-year warranty, meaning you are fully covered in the event of a breakage.

If you have any issues, be sure to contact the team to get your repair or replacement as soon as possible.

4. Breville 3X Bluicer Pro Blender & Juicer

best breville juicers model 3X Bluicer Pro Blender and juicer main image


Discover the remarkable capabilities of the Breville 3X Bluicer Pro, a true game-changer in the world of Breville juicer machines.

This innovative appliance combines the functionality of a blender and juicer, allowing you to unlock a whole new level of versatility in your kitchen.

With its 3.5-inch extra-wide feed chute, you can easily process a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency.

Experience the joy of freshly squeezed juice as Cold Spin Technology delicately extracts nutrient-rich juice while maintaining its optimal freshness and flavor. Thanks to the built-in froth separator, you can enjoy smooth and velvety juice without any unwanted froth.

Additionally, the Bluicer is compatible with the Vac Q, an optional accessory that eliminates air from the jug before blending. By using the Vac Q, you can elevate your blends to new heights. Enjoy smoother textures, vibrant colors, and richer flavors in every sip. Most Breville juicers don’t have this option included.

5. Breville Juicer for Citrus Fruits Motorized Silver

Breville Juicer for Citrus Fruits Motorized Silver main image


Discover the Breville Best Citrus Press – an ultimate solution for effortlessly obtaining fresh juice without breaking the bank. As one of the best citrus presses available, this Breville juicer offers a motorized operation that takes the effort out of juicing, accommodating everything from small limes to large grapefruits.

The dual switch safety feature guarantees safe operation by preventing the cone from spinning until the arm is properly lowered and pressure is applied, optimizing juice yield.

Experience the convenience of the drip stop juice spout, which effectively holds the juice back to prevent any countertop spills.

Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components. This includes the juicing cone, juice collector, juice filter, and fruit dome, saving you time and effort.

Enjoy the benefits of a high-quality citrus press without compromising your financial limitations. Bring the joy of fresh citrus juice to your home with the Breville Best Citrus Press, the perfect choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing quality. Juicing citrus fruits will now become the easiest part of your daily routine.

About Breville Brand

Breville has been an established brand producing high-quality kitchen appliances for years. One of their most popular items is the juicer. They have a collection of different juicing products, which are the perfect solution to delicious and nutritious juice.

Whether you’re looking for a machine to make your breakfast smoothie each morning or your protein shake after an intense workout, Breville has got you covered!

breville brand small appliances picture

Breville is the world’s leading juicer company. They have an extensive line of high-quality, affordable products that can help juice almost any type or color of product you might want to use in recipes!

So, with features like variable-speed motors and locking handles so no matter what size your greens are, they’ll get chopped up nice for making delicious drinks.

Firstly, you can make juice at home with friends who live far away. Also, even just yourself on lazy days when all the cooking feels like too much work but still crave something healthy yet satisfying instead?

Breville offers more choices than ever before, including ones made especially for leafy vegetables as well as options specifically designed.

The company’s juicers have been selling steadily since their introduction to the market. They currently hold about 20% market share for home blenders/juice extractors. This is reported by Baker Sales Parties LLC DBA Market Track Northern Region (Baker Hughes).

According to an analysis on Simply Wall St, Breville has also seen growth internationally; last year, Breville’s exports increased by 12,72%.

Why Choose Breville Juicers?

The first reason to choose Breville Juicers is that they have the highest-rated pulp quality. With this type of product, you can enjoy leafy greens and vegetables with less prep time than using other types such as regular blenders or washing machines, for example!

Secondly, Breville is known for its high-quality juicers, and they have a variety of different models to suit any need.
A wide range of features makes Brevilles’ Juices a wider choice than other brands on the market today!

a lot of fruits on the table with juicer near

They offer masticating pressure to some types of products such as fruit, vegetables, or leafy greens at higher rates due to greater efficiency in processing them through their machine screws which extract all flavor from each piece without damaging it.

The heat damage caused during food preparation often occurs when pressure cookers are used over time. Moreover, they reduce this by using slow-spinning blades instead.

Best Juicers For The Money

Breville Juicers are a great investment for people who love to make their juice. The Breville BJE200XL seems like an expensive purchase, but its high-quality results will be worth it in the long run because this machine extracts more nutrients from fruits and vegetables than other juicing methods do!

The reason why people choose to use these machines often has more to do with what they offer than anything else. Still, there’s no denying that Breville’s has been leading innovators and creators of innovative products for years now!

If you are looking for the best juicers, then look no further than Breville. The company is known to make high-quality appliances that always deliver on their promises of delivering great-tasting juice with minimal environmental impact and easy cleanup!

Breville juicers feature proprietary Cold Spin Technology, which ensures minimal heat transfer during the juicing process, preserving the nutritional value and freshness of your juices.

However, juicing leafy greens provides a convenient and nutritious way to incorporate their beneficial vitamins and minerals into your diet.

For optimal juicing results, I highly recommend investing in a centrifugal juicer equipped with dual power settings. This versatile feature includes a low-speed option, perfectly suited for extracting juice from soft fruits and delicate vegetables.

Best Breville Juicers 2023 – Final Thoughts

Firstly, each of the machines in this article has unique qualities and features. Breville products are unmatched by any other home kitchen appliance company.

Secondly, Breville is the perfect brand to get you started if you are brand-new to the juicing world. And if you are looking for a new machine to replace your existing juicer, you will notice a huge difference by simply switching over to Breville products!

With high-quality materials and innovative designs, there is no doubt that you will love any of these juices.

Moreover, if any of the above juicers sounds perfect for you, what are you waiting for?

Head over to the Amazon Breville homepage or the Breville website to purchase your juicer today.

Breville is an established brand that has been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for years. One of their most popular items is the juicer. They have a collection of different juicing products. They are the perfect solution to delicious and nutritious juice.

Whether you’re looking for a machine to make your breakfast smoothie each morning or your protein shake after an intense workout, Breville has got you covered!

Please look at each juicer through the Breville Amazon page or directly through their website and pick the juicers that will suit your lifestyle the best!

Happy juicing!





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